Black Poetry : He's Just driving along and jiving strong soon arriving at his homes surviving the strong winds of l

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    He's Just driving along and jiving strong soon arriving at his homes surviving
    the strong winds of love that begin in a club and then the hug striving
    for bed work make a girl head hurt anyway her lips red and alert a kiss
    could happen after some good rapping now this is a BLACK HIPHOP brisk
    in VIRGINIA BEACH on the other hand he see a girl with a butter plan
    had deep hope hard for his mind to keep afloat need peek quotes to land
    a date to hold her hand would be great her lips glow best and she grow
    breasts he possess and exhibit affection in the direction of he lips he know
    they can be together soon his game was fine plus he's in the right frame
    of mind his hormones flames at time can't blame the wine for that her name
    SUZY MAY from down south he wanted her around the house willing to play
    cat and mouse just to chase lace he can't erase the taste of having a girlfriend
    that'll make his world spin, so he at KROGERS chicks galore like a whirlwind
    his brain went around and around and to the left is KEMPSVILLE ROAD to
    the front is providence road to the left a bookstore he was shook adore this boo
    her round hips and lips great wanted to flip her pancake like an IHOPP cook
    but he had to rap fact because flap jack grammar show no glamour he look
    at her breasts jest hot chocolate milk pear shape the air great for a love affair
    the game bring vapors he write his name on papers in blue ink her thing a true
    pink and his crew think they're in love while in the club his quotes fiery do
    like notes in a diary words come alive while the verbs survive, he's freaking
    quick because this is a PUERTO RICIAN chick speaking while panties leaking
    HE SAID: look boo I'm shook true over your body see you got mad breasts at your
    address had to test your patience, panties get slam-dunk a lot you should adore
    and jump in this drop top for real, your fine hips hot make my mind trip a lot
    in the car we can rock steady or get hot and sweaty your name not Betty stop
    joking really ready for cake boo “let me take you home” like LISA LISA AND
    THE CULT JAM, bear in mind that this affair is fine and your hair design can
    tell a story of glory that's mandatory with BLUE MAGIC GREASE a fan
    of that, hope is desire for certain things to happen while flirting bling and
    rapping working as rap king he's trapping her thoughts hoping to land
    a date and fan her cake to cool it off PUERTO RICIAN girls go through
    a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH boys wanna reach for their peach wanna know who
    gitting some, but she don't tell them they jest scratch their head try catch her red
    lips on the rebound but she see around that and duck her head or get stuck in bed
    corrupt and misled to be caught off guard like that, she's sweet and dizzy and that
    keep a girl busy have to duck a lot not good to be stuck in one spot a boy with phat
    talk can mess a girl's head up best spread your duck wings and fly away don't try stay
    SHE SAID: you can use text or speech but sex is out of reach without a doubt
    she's a peach and her dress is down and breasts renown boys see can't pout
    her cream is deep a stream of love beneath, boys kiss and skeet and check out
    her phat body at a party at the club mini-dress devastated she grabbed her breasts
    estimated milk time to flow right now, oh gosh he wanna jest kiss her lip best
    to describe this situation the Spanish she speak vanish on the street he suggest
    she give him a kiss as he awaits cake on a plate it's never too late in VIRGINIA
    BEACH,”WELL IT all start in Walmart I was ready to depart being a PUERTO
    RICIAN cutie with booty but a boy saw me walk started the raw talk I was stuck
    for words I just don't wear any kind of perfume and plenty wine in the room
    in bed my lips are red and it trip the heads of boys stuff said annoys then kaboom
    I'm gone home alone but nope, my dress is down wanna mess around and do
    stuff , being true these days is like a new craze only a few praise the truth, yell boo
    and lift my roof my beauty gift is proof that love exists after sex and a kiss brand new
    I eat dinner twerking and like the inner working of a computer stay online and play
    with strong minds brainwash and plain squash whackness not an actress but lay
    down the right stuff and strange lace made me change my pace had to rearrange
    my taste buds a waste of hugs up in the club without flavor go to HAYNES
    buy clothes and try pose as a PUERTO RICIAN queen, now this boy come up
    wanna a dumb party he better ask somebody ask somebody jest dumb luck
    alone won't get none even though I'm a wet one he looked at my breasts in silk
    wanted to test my milk and oh yes my body is built can't party with guilt
    on his mind this could be purple passion with a circle of fashion just kilt
    his goal, but his rap vapor is like scrap paper something to be written on and
    it's gitting strong in my eardrum, didn't even know boys rap like this in the land
    of Walmart and LYNNHAVEN MALL is part of this, love is a fair sport but like
    an airport the runways are fun these days and sun plays a part here at Walmart hype
    is in “LOOK BOO I knew folks that hated a wicked king walked around kick it
    wearing bling saw a girl wanted to lick it, her thing was so hot for him a spigot
    couldn't turn off the juice in her thing all he had to do was produce a ring digits
    love would come his way quick, for a kiss but it was a hit and miss and the girl
    ran away her thing was so hot then well anyway many play not all get to hurl
    bed sheets and kiss red sweet lips,have pride and talk but like sidewalk folks
    try step on my quotes need help,I'm home yall girl made a phone call no joke
    now stuck behind stone walls dang it was the wrong phone call so boo I'm strong
    and tall but can't dunk a basket ball you a female with new chemistry stand alone
    like a retail shoe industry there could be a big boom I dig your perfume we could
    eat figs in the room listen to a BIGGY SMALLS tune you know how we do hood
    all the way gonna be a good day or should I say you gonna be mine? Got me freaking
    quick you being a PUERTO RICIAN chick I'm keeping a trick up my sleeve peeking
    in case luck leave, drink from fountain as a rhymer and like a mountain climber stand
    on the edge of a cliff and beg to lift your gown and sniff around downtown hold hands
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    Made me think about the movie I saw, French, I think, of a young couple on their honeymoon in the south of France where she pricked her finger on a rose and started bleeding. Having the disease where one bleeds and the blood is not clot (hemophilia?) They returned to Paris, I remember, where she died. Very sad, like your poem
    is a great metaphor for the very personal way loss affects us. For the sound we hear in the shell is actually the magnified sound of our own blood pumping through our veins to supply our brain with the nourishment it needs to think the sad thoughts that we put in these poems
    that anyone can relate to. It also tells us that almost any person, place. or thing can be converted into a poem in the hands of a thoughtful writer. Welcome to Destee Looking forward to more of your words.
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    Mario nothing sad about this write you may have goten my thread confused with someone else
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    on the edge of a cliff and beg to lift your gown and sniff around downtown hold hands
    “NAW PLAYER this wisdom is reaching like a system of teaching it rhythm beaching
    on the shores of VIRGINIA BEACH, and being a PUERTO RICIAN peach boys leeching
    on my panty lace can be considered candy in the face they race for a date with the taste
    of cake in their mouth even girls aware down south of this they use their mouth to kiss
    PUERTO RICIAN girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH for real deep like an abyss
    stealth potions like a depth of oceans my thing is wet and boys wanna jump in and do
    breast strokes my panties float then, with the action of a hug can bring satisfaction true
    in a club been in love before in the bathtub adore suds, it's dove sensitive skin now who
    can argue that? Sometimes I do quick showers and go pick flowers sick of boys that
    cowers in marriages got to put a ring on it really need a word with BEYONCE, my stats
    fall flat can't deal with all of that, no limit in here like an academic year when school open
    fools smoking in the boy's room, my worse day is like my first essay it's not going well broken
    must fix it behavior wise my pie crust mix wit flavor and vibes oh you really want some
    oh well we go sit in the car is that how we git to the bar?” “YES GIRL you know I come from
    the hood hop in my drop top we leave make one stop because your cake is hot so that make
    a lot of sense because I'm a hot shot like bug spray wanna love you today, for a dame great
    cake make it worthwhile the earth howl like a wolf, I thirst but which came first the chicken
    or the egg? Your juice thicken as I beg for some so I'm on the edge thumbs up sicken
    with dumb luck, now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH watch ticking
    twelve oh well, my rhyme strategy is like a designed academy teaches heads and
    reaches beds and on beaches fed fish and girl your lips is a red kiss my plan
    is to make you my girlfriend because your cake world spin wanna hold your hand
    like the BEETLES,' “GIRL I BEEN in here like an engineer accelerate trains and
    devastate brains plus educate the lame so take a complex look at this textbook yall
    my plan very soft and boss like cranberry sauce so I talk turkey walk chew all
    the beef jerk like JACK LINK I duck Sasquatch,