Black Poetry : He's going to regret

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    Nov 11, 2004
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    What up yall, I'm 17 yrs old and this is my first time writing a poem. Tell me what yall think.

    you said I aint s*** but you were the one who cheated on me
    you put yo d*** in some b**** ***** now you tellin me she might be pregnant with yo baby
    it's funny cause when you told me I was like ****! why would you do that to me
    but s*** I forgot how ****** can be
    they can make you think they luv you when they don't give a f*** about you
    they can make you feel like your on top of the world but the whole time they just in it to f*** you
    they can give you anything you want but at the end you still looking like the fool
    well, **** I can say that you had me fooled
    cause when you said I was wifey I believed that ****
    u see, when u was ******* around with them other chicks I didn't give a f***
    them bit**** was gonna fell like they ran out on their luck
    you said didn't know b**** come before me
    you said you will always love me unconditionally
    but all of that **** you said was just fu***** lies
    it's such a shame
    cause I used to look at chicks funny
    when they even said your fu***** name
    you were the type my mother told me about
    you were the type my father warned me about
    but I didn't want to hear what people was sayin'
    I just didn't care
    you said people was jealous of the "love" we shared
    and I understand you needed your needs
    but I couldn't be the one at risk of getting an STD
    you see, I realize a ***** gonna be a ***** regardless
    how he treat ya
    but at the end he's going to realize how much he really needed ya!

    Please tell me what yall think! this came from the heart
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    Aug 14, 2004
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    this was a nice poem. But, most of the words were cut out, because curse words are prevented from being seen on Destee. theres a post on here if you wanna read it I still liked it tho. That's good for a first poem!
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    Nov 11, 2004
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    thanks! $$RICH$$ what do you think?
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    welcome to poetic playground
    welcome to the house of love & respect
    welcome from above as i bless this piece some love

    nice flow in all keep dropping and sharing upon the family
    do when time permit you to visit our (POETIC ETIQUETTE RULES)

    we have a list of banned words that's not allowed within our home
    keeping it safe and clean yet expressing self ...thankz for sharing
    looking to read more of u soon again welcome within