Black People : Here's how to Avoid Bed Bugs When You Travel

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    Hey Fambly,

    Some of you may have heard the news stories about the bed bug scourge that has attacked cities on the east coast. My father lives in DC and he tells me they are all over the city. He tells me I'd be better off with rats and roaches than bed bugs.

    I am planning a trip to New York. Although my family there tell me thay don't have them in their house I was concerned enough about picking them up on the Greyhound that I googled and found these natural solutions for repelling and kiling them (Why kill them? why not just raise the taxes and drive them out? Why not change the zoning laws and vote them out?

    Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that come out at night seeking blood. They hang around the bedroom to reed on us while we sleep but they can also be found on chairs and sofas where we sit for long periods of time. When we travel they hitch a ride in our luggage back to our homes where they make themselves quite comfortable. Based on my reading when you go to a hotel set your luggage on a luggage rack not a chair. Although this website says you can kill them in the dryer other sites suggest putting your clothes in a sealed plastic bag then wash them on the hot cycle then dry them on high.

    Good night
    Sleep tight
    Don't let the bed bugs bite