Black Spirituality Religion : Here We Go Again -- Another Pedophile Exposed


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Sep 17, 2012
Once , i wanted to be a Catholic when i was a child, i thought that they were doing the right things and knew all about God, and if you were Catholic you were going to heave,so when i heard a white person or black say that they were Catholic i thought they were special people. true people of God. My best friend and her family were Catholic . i do not know if they are now are not. The Homosexuality has come out and i am sure they are having orgies with the Nuns , maybe not since they are female. then again they maybe playing the whole field.

When will folks wake up and realise that this organisation is no more christian than the Mafia. This organisation has nothing to do with the Christianity of the bible. An organisation that claims to be Christian and prohibits is clergy from getting married....BUT sees nothing wrong in molesting young boys.:( People need to see the real truth about the CC.
This is the same church that murdered folks in the Middle Ages who disagreed with their theology and will see nothing wrong in doing it again. This is a sick organisation and the sad part is that IF these folks were ordinary citizens they would be handcuffed and carted off to jail. The mind really boggles.

Catholic cardinal says that pedophilia is not a ‘criminal ...:eek::(


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Feb 4, 2013
Don't you see what is generally wrong with your statement sis?

It's like throwing stones at a glass house. DO you think pedophilia, misogynistic ideals. and even bias against one sexual orientation could be simply placed on the Roman Catholic Church and not the rest of the sects? Must we go down the list of sexual offenders and other miscreants in the other sects to understand that there is something wrong with those 'chosen' to lead the respective flocks, that there is something off with the interpretation used to justify hate or separate a race from its brother based on religion, etc?


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Sep 27, 2005

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