Black Spirituality Religion : Here we are again 2012 Doomsday talk!!!

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    There has been a lot of talk about 2012 and the doom that is facing the earth and its citizens. What I find amazing is that most of this talk stems from the fact that it is the end of the ancient Egyptian long year and the Mayan calendar.

    I was once lost in the translation of the whole ordeal until I took it upon myself to do the research instead of visiting websites which are based on a lot of theories about alignments, geomagnetic pulls, axis shift and others theories. What I want to talk about is the align and the earth's axis. As far as visitors and so forth - we can never really be sure and I think it is most arrogant of human to assume that we are alone in this vase universe. I mean think about it - there are over 200 billion planets in the Milky Way (our star system) and and over a trillion in the Andromeda. Just think there is estimated to be well over 165 billion galaxies in OUR universe and I've only named two galaxies (Milky Way & Andromeda) with well over 1.2 trillion planets combined. Just the mere thought that we are alone has got to constitute ignorance of our universe and its massive size. I mean even the bible thumpers should know better then that ... Jesus said, "I go away to prepare a place for you..." which means he believe that there are more inhabitable planets and secondly where is his home at? What planet is he from? Those ancients whom we called Gods - if they came back today as many Christians, Muslims believe - they would call them Aliens in UFO's ... lol. As a matter of fact most Christians and Muslims would be looking for the government to shoot them out of the sky.

    We've been getting visited on this planet for thousands of years if not millions and what more fascinating is that we may very well be visitors ourselves who have made home on this planet.

    According to the Dogon's, Zulu's, ancient Egyptians and others we came from the Sirius & Orion system while other ancient societies believe they came from the Vegus, Andromeda, Pleiades, Draco, etc ... So for me to tap into that part of the 12.21.2012 event(s) I can't do. Just because we can't see them up there it doesn't mean that they are not advanced enough to have clocking devices which hides their ships from our site and they are sitting above the earth now chillin and waiting. People are looking for signs in the sky but they may have been sitting here for thousands of years right above our heads without our knowledge ... Amen means 'Hidden One' ... lol ... they could be hiding in plan site, nevertheless, that's is on an internal, know thyself level.

    Okay back to my topic.

    12.21.2012 is simply the end of a long year which consist of 25,920. This year is broken down into 12 segments with each lasting 2160. Egypt of these 12 segments can be broken down into 3 segment (signs) which last 720 years. Using the numerological system each of these numbers break down to 9. I will show you how that works.

    25,920 = 2+5+9+2+0= 18/1+8=9
    2,160 = 2+1+6+0 = 9
    720 = 7+2+0 = 9

    The date that they came up with is 12.21.2012 which when added up is 1+2+2+1+2+0+1+2=11. This date is when the sun is at its lowest point every year so there's nothing new about it. But I want you to see what they are doing with the numbers.

    The year is over which equals 9 and the date is supposed to be over equals 11. Doesn't that ring a bell? 9/11! They brought fear to the Americas on 9/11 through self inflicted measures. Lets say that the Arabs did it which they didn't - it still equates to man causing havoc when these two numbers are combined. These numbers seem to inflict fear on humanity and this doomsday talk is falling in line with it. So in essence I wouldn't be surprised if some major self inflicted event happened on this date as has happened in the past but let us examine the star alignment issue.

    According to the stars and its motion the next planetary alignment will be September 8th, 2040 and it will be 5 planets including plus the moon. Most websites promoting doom on 12.21.2012 is promoting fear and many people are going out of their way to get prepared for this event. I mean I've seen the series 'doomsday preppers'. There will be an alignment in December and that will be the Sun and Earth will be aligned with the Milky way which is nothing special because it happens every single years ... its been happening before I was born and possibly after I die. So again, this alignment theory is one that should be overlooked - especially by our folks.

    Next we have the earths axis tilting back to 23 degrees verses 23.5 which is where we are at right now.

    What is amazing about this theory is that when Japan had the 9.0 earthquake it actually made a waves on earth and caused it to wobble slightly different and it cause the earth to spin a little faster. This did not and I repeat did not shift the earths axis. The only thing that could do that is an external force such as the Sun, Moon or other planets which has influence on our gravitational pull. The earths wobble or rotation is always changing because of earthquakes, ocean current and atmospheric winds ... this is nothing unusual.

    The sun will be in the same place as we rotate around the sun so the pull will not be any stronger which could affect the earths Axis - well atleast not for another 13,000 years when earth's north pole is closest to the sun. Now the moon has been a question to many people and what most people don't realize is that the moon is not round (its oval) as many would assume looking into the night sky on a full moon. No, the moon is 250,000 miles away from the earth - but it like the earth it rotates and thus when the longest point of the moon (tip of the oval) is facing toward earth it is as close as 221,000 miles give or take. Please note - this is a normal occurrence as well.

    I've written about the planetary alignment and the Axis because these two theories make it extremely hard to teach or learn the proper teachings the ancients were trying to give us. Like every year has to come to an end, so does the long year of 25,920. We celebrate at the end and beginning of every new year which is every 365 days. The same should be done on the introduction of a new long year. The difference is - the great year doesn't move clockwise but in fact moves counter clock wise and thus on an astrological level we are headed into the age of Aquarius.

    I will write more about this and what we should be expecting - come this new year and new era.