Black People : Here Is What Er Must Do


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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Here is what The Black Afrikans Must do to Unify And Do To Solve Afrika And Black Afrikans Problem!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

You know, when you are a Free Thinker And A Freedom Fighter, You See And Think And Analyze Things Differently that concern Black Afrikan Pep[le.

There is only One Issue that has the Black Afrikan People in the state of living condition we are in this racist world, the issue all of your phony so-called Black Activist leaders avoid and refrain from holding up to Black Afrikans as being the solution to Afrika and Black Afrikans problem, that One Dynamic Powerful issue is Freedom, without Freedom of a Nation of people you have nothing else to fight for that is the solution to the problem you are always complaining about.

Black Lives do not matter and I give less than a **** how loud you shout that it does when your mind is stuck on civil rights equality, which is the same as a fantasy as Jesus is to your Black Behind.

Civil Rights activists hide behind the rank and file of our Black Afrikan people making a claim that the answer to the problem we face as Black Afrikan people is economic not being able to compete equally with white folks!!!

No beloved, our problem is much more profound than that, it is economic that phony *** so call activist Black leaders you have elevated to be that is in wanting of economic respectful status among the white racist, they do not care about your living status in a condition of oppression, so they lie to you so you can look up to them and allow them to parade around the social halls of that white racist pretending to be equal to that racist Luciferian Human Being claiming to be your Black leader.

What needs to happen is for all serious-minded Black Afrikans about elevating your living status in the world not just in America, what Black Afrikans must do to regain our Respect for our Black Afrikan self, is that there must be a Global uprising of Black Afrikans for the meaning and purpose to appoint Global Black Afrikan Revolutionary Afrikans to stand up and speak the philosophy and opinion of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and must have shown to have the Divine Mind qualified to advance where Gavey was stopped in the act of fighting for there to be an Afrika for the Black Afrikans and there must be again a Unified Black Afrikan Nation to be in Afrika.

There must be one issue of focus by the Black Afrikan Nation, now divided but must become unified if Afrika is to again to be for the Black Afrikans, and in Afrika there will be a United States Of Afrika Government to Govern a Unified Black Afrikan Nation.

That One Issue Is Freedom that all Black Afrikans must embrace to become in Afrika in Actual Time and not virtual time and in order for that to become our actual reality there has to become an act to global organize the Black Afrikan people, we must become One Nation Of Black Afrikans again and there has to be well qualified Black Revolutionary Afrikans qualified to lead Black Afrikans to Freedom to be in Afrika and with that obligation comes a responsibility of all Black Afrikans to be willing to finance our own Freedom and it is enough of Black Afrikans on this Earth to do just that, beloved Black Afrikan Woman And Man!!!

So my question to you again, Black Afrikan people, are you really qualified to meet the task that is involved in obtaining not civilRights but Freedom for Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation to be in Afrika???

There is much more that goes with this, but not here on this WWW.Net.

Divine Respect

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