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Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Here Is The Reason Why Black Afrikans In America Ignore The Very Right That Can Ensure Our Freedom, The Right To Our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Remember I shared with you Black Afrikan people if you desire to see the true nature of White Folks, mention to them the issue of Reparation/Repatriation Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikan style, not the welfare Reparation they are jiving with your mind about, but the Freedom style Back to Afrika Reparation/Repatriation quality!!!

How In The Hell We Can Make Claim To Be So Intelligent Denying And Cloaking The True Nature Of Our Oppressors???

So, Consider This, Beloved.

Never has I seen a people so confident in maintaining control over Black Afrikan people in America not by choice, showing no doubt that Black Afrikan people will remain obedient to the ignorance that white racist has implanted in the Mind of Black Folks in America to the extent there need not be a show of concern about whether or not Black Afrikans in America not by choice will remain childish loyal to the demands of that white racist Luciferian Human Being.

Now, here is why Black Afrikans in America not by choice choose to ignore the very issue capable of bringing back the Divineness of Mind to Black Afrikan people!!!

Black Afrikans in America not by choice don't want to see that the True Racist Prejudice nature still is inherent in white Americans toward and against Black Afrikan descendants from Enslaved Black Afrikans and do not want to know just how deeply mental ill we Black Afrikans in America not by choice are in despising the Divine Truth which reveals the true nature of white Racist Luciferian Human Beings, they who describe themselves as bearers of the Light, meaning Knowledge that deceive Black Afrikan people.

To observe Black Afrikans Afrodesendant's behavior in America using the mind that does not think will have you believe that all is normal about the way Black Afrikans behave in and out of America.

You see, Racism and Prejudice unjustly is a common thread that causes Black Afrikans to have a misconception about white Racist Luciferian Human Beings and that Racism is a worldwide reality against Black Afrikan people.

**** how it appears to be concerning the relationship between Black Afrikans and White people, the racism white people carry against Black Afrikan people is ingrained in the mind use of that lying and deceiving white Luciferian Human Being who is overconfident of the control white people have in maintaining the ignorance that has been made to become a part of the Black Afrikans personality and as long as we Black Afrikans ignore the Divine Truth when shared with Black Afrikans there is in no way Black Afrikans will acknowledge our responsibility we have to demand and collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation because such represents to Afrika and Black Afrikans the Freedom left to us by our Enslaved Ancestors if only we would acknowledge the courage of our Enslaved Ancestors Conviction to Freedom!!!

We Black Afrikans insult our Enslaved Ancestors, by the way, we to this day Bow to that Luciferian White Human Being, Our Enslaved Ancestors died for not being a coward to that White racist enslavement enforcer and now here we are the descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors not by force, now is bowing to that white racist and deceiver, they being without the need to enforce our Black pitiful acting behind to bow to them as we preserve the nature of White racism to not be revealed openly and blatantly by Black Folks not acknowledging the right to Reparation/Repatriation that our Enslaved Ancestors have to such penalty award for the evil they went through and endured at the hand and mind of that white racist lying Luciferian Human Being.

Hell yes, our Black *** preserve the evil lifetime of racism and prejudice to be practiced against Black Afrikan people as long as we ignore the right our Enslaved Ancestors have to their Reparation/Repatriation which they have already earned by withstanding the evil acting behavior of white racist in their performance in instituting the activity of Chattel Slavery Enslavement against Black Afrikans who was forced to come to America against their will and now, here our Black behind is doing everything to not reveal the evil that still is active in the mind of white folks against Black Afrikan people which is verified every time that devilish satanic racist Luciferian Human Being deny payment of Reparation/Repatriation to our Enslaved Ancestors and we continue to cloak that white racist true spirit toward Black Afrikans today by us refusing to confront America concerning the Reparation/Repatriation that is owed to our Enslaved Ancestors

Black Afrikans has grown so attached to white racism until we do today everything to not reveal the true nature of white folks behavior toward Black Afrikans in America not by choice and we do so consciously and willingly as long as we refuse to confront white America as Black Afrikan Afrika Nationalist Pan Afrikans being in demand of payment of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation.

We Black Afrikans rather emulate white people by pretending that there is no difference between the two of us as we preserve by not revealing the true nature of white America toward Black Afrikans in America as long as Black Afrikans in America refuse to deal with the Liberating issue, Reparation/Repatriation by not demanding such payment to our Enslaved Ancestors.

We rather play in the game of America white racist politics than to demand our Freedom from America, my, how pitiful and sad of a mind we have now guiding that Black body once was in possession of a Divine Mind whose foundation is Divine Truth and Reality but not anymore, what a sad race of Black Afrikan people we have been made to become today having no desire to be Free, oh yes, you are not free negro-******, you just playing to be free and that seems to be alright with you

I know that I piss yall off don;t I, yet you do not know the Divine Love I have for your Black behind, All I need is for Afrika and the Black Afrikan Race To Become Free Again, beloved..

**** the white racist America election, there need to be organized a Black Afrikan International Movement dedicated to winning our Freedom back, and our Freedom comes through our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation/Repatriation which criminal America is unjustly withholding from paying to our Enslaved Ancestors, how in the hell can you Black folks want to emulate such evil with a history of dumbing our Black behind down to the level we now display in our living performance, beloved???

Divine Respect

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