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    This is an all natural Hair pomade, it is a condtioner, a restorer, and root-stimulator. I have dred locs and since using this product my locs are healthy, glistening, and very strong. Never had one to pop like I see on so many brothers and sisters.

    I see so much damaged hair on many dred loc wearers and it's obvious they don't do any hair maintenance so I decided to be a distributer of this product that I know worked for me and get it to my sisters and brothers so they too can have healthy, beautiful natural hair.

    I was introduced to this product by a rasta sister and have been using it every since. Before I was doing the same thing just washing it and nothing else and my locs wasn't growing they looked dull and damaged but this product has really bought my locs a long way and now I get so many compliments and I'm very proud of them, this product is not sold in any stores.

    for full details on this product go to

    Hotep and peace and blessings

    Goddess Kalifa
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