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    Shocking Allegations Leveled Against Top Airport Executives

    POSTED: 6:23 pm EDT June 29, 2006

    SANFORD, Fla. -- Channel 9 has uncovered shocking allegations against two top executives at Sanford International Airport. An administrative assistant at the airport filed a discrimination lawsuit that revealed, in detail, the alleged actions of the airport's president and vice president.

    Channel 9 has obtained a copy of the lawsuit and, in one example, it said Diane Crews, the vice president, was caught under the desk of the airport president Larry Dale.

    Larry Dale has an office right down the hall from his executive assistant. The assistant, Jackie Cockerham, said in her lawsuit that she witnessed an unusual meeting between Dale and Crews.

    "She observed Ms. Crews underneath Mr. Dale's desk, with Mr. Dale sitting in his chair facing the direction where Ms. Crews was," according to the report.

    Crews "abruptly moved from underneath the desk saying, 'I guess I shouldn't try that again.' When the plaintiff asked Ms. Crews what she was doing underneath Mr. Dale's desk, Ms. Crews simply giggled and gave no reply," the report states.

    The attorney who filed the suit told Channel 9 that Cockerham wasn’t sure what was going on, but he listed the incident to show why Dale may have ignored the assistant’s complaints about Crews.

    The suit also claims the pair discriminated against Cockerham, alleging that Crews made comments about hair weaves and pointed out that "all black people's funerals are held on Saturdays."

    The suit indicates Dale would say, "'Here comes my BBF,' which means beautiful black female," when Cockerham entered the room.

    And there are allegations about Dale's use of his computer. According to the suit, he received an email entitled "National Breast Awareness Day" that included 10 to 15 pictures of women exposing their breasts with a caption that read, "Sure as hell beats Martin Luther King Day."

    When Cockerham complained to Dale, she said he "laughed about the email and called a fellow coworker to look at the pictures."

    Read the rest here.

    Hope that this story gets BIGGER so that more stories like this get many of to THINK about what we are really promoting.

    Either your READY or your NOT for the PUBLIC.
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    OHHH MY GOD! These idiots had the **** nerve to do this **** in the workplace!!!! And then didn't even care who would see them!!!!