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Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Her life
Became overwhelmed with fatigue

Created with a gift
And ability to breathe

Into harmonious destiny

Made Corrections
And revised and edited

Followed through

And at the speed of light
Became her strength

As she could be

Fed her desire
With books and poetry

Foreign Language and sweet melodies
Became Her recipe

To coast into neautral
Into the supernatural

Blinded by love
And once knew

AT the beginning used to know Him
And as Him and Her
Became closer

Enjoyed eachothers space
And grew fonder
In the midst of absence
From one another

Began to desire
So much stronger

And crushed

Reckless love
Torn apart

Love could not linger
In our hearts

And we turned away
From what we said
Would last for eternity

Him and Her
Went his and her own way

Still to this day
She can hear Him say

I'm goin to miss you
Subtely suggesting
It won't be the same with out you

And He knew she missed him too.

Her journey
Would be alone
Never knowing
It would be so long

Her journey
Became her own

And until death do us part
He could hear her say

I love you
Silently exchanged

In theirs dreams is where they met
Meeting eachother
And the secrets and vows they kept

And his heart will always remain with Her
And she can feel him
Painfully go through
So bittersweetly
Never see her again
And in His heart
He will never forget
But remind himself always of her
Because with out her
He can not ((( )))
And lay awake at night
And hopes and prays
That who ever comes her way
Treats her good
Because He lost the onely love
He really had
With Her
With Her
With Her
And knowingly and painfully
She keeps these memories
Silently hidden away
In Her alabaster box
Inside of Her

Desert Storm


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