Black Poetry : Her plan exciting wit sex and flirt And like handwriting experts She need love letter In the club boys better Recognize and be clever She learned spor

And do more stuff, her hips
A SPANISH round boys jest trips
Want access to her breasts to suck
While her dress is up
“So boo let me sit next to you
Girl you legit and sex is true
“Well you can sit wherever
Long as you don’t git clever
And try for pie some boys do
Really she enjoys a crew
Of love words her panties blue
He gave her a boss stare sincere
He gave her a boss stare sincere
She may need a software engineer
And some joysticks
This boy is slick
Teacher gave him a hot stare
But she’s not aware
That he want some
Her hair in a slick black ponytail
In this affair not a whack phony female
SHE SAID: last night had a fiery dream
And now highly esteemed
This wrote in blue ink


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