Black Poetry : Her King

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    A long time has passed but
    her King was discovered
    Yes he was
    Yes in deed
    A king who has been there and done that
    one who has seen it all
    A king who has traveled far and wide
    one of Intelligence with no formal education
    worldly and filled to the brim with useful knowledge and information
    one of confidence and sure
    Intense but reserved
    He is warm and loving
    he is passionate and focused
    a man with a past
    a man with hope
    a man with vision
    criminal no
    thug no
    but rough and rugged
    sensual and smooth
    he has style
    he has class
    he has charisma
    he is mighty
    a mighty king
    he is strong and handsome with conviction
    yes a long time has passed but
    he was discovered
    yes he was
    yes indeed
    but it only took a minute
    a long time