Black Short Stories : Help with my book


Jun 8, 2019
Hey everyone
I wrote a book about when I was made homeless because I had a wind up clock to charge cellphones made

Here's what I paid to have made

I am about to speak to a product designer but the years of suffering on the street caused me schizophrenia which the white people and other who support mistreating me laugh and mock me about . They are very shameful people

I got a few threats and a group said if I go forward they will bury me in law suits

I am about to make the device self winding using a system made in the 1920s

I wrote the book

the homeless man who gave the world a wind up clock to charge cellphones

And no one would publish my book
I am hoping I can share a copy with someone and we can try and make the book more interesting for publishers.

My only interest is being allowed to keep my cellphone charged everywhere and hopefuly making it so other blacks can pursue their objectives without having to be made homeless like they did to me
Please reply to me
Thanks a bunch to everyone

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