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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    Frizzy I stuck my hand in a outlet.....

    I have went from braids to my natural hair(curly, wavy when blow drying it.) (by the looks of aint gone last long either, until I can find a product to tame it) I have never had a perm or any chemicals in my hair. When I would wear my hair in between braiding, I would wash it and pull in a ponytail.

    I have not had this problem, until I decided to not braid my hair again. Well for a while because at this rate I need to braid it up.

    My hair is like a nightmare, untamed frizz once it is dry. What products are suggested to keep the frizz down? That is not oily or leaves the hair wet all day. So that I can wear my hair without the frizz?

    Unhappy hair days.....
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    Try some frizz ease hair serum. There are different brand names for the same product, sometimes it's called hair polish. It's cyclomethicone, so look at the ingredients and make sure that's what you're getting. It's a clear, thick, gel-like fluid. And it only takes a verrrrry little bit, if you use too much, it'll make ur hair look stringy. U can experiment with putting it on ur hair wet or dry and seeing the different looks u get. Hope that helps.