Black Poetry : Help me with my blues


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Jul 4, 2001
cold cold Michigan
not something I love
I just want to be happy

Is that so much to ask?
Just happy when I wake up
Happy when I go to bed
But happiness
True happiness
Seems to elude me
Is it because I’m
Not looking
In the right
Or is true happiness
Only found within?
Does true happiness
Even exist?
Was I wrong to think
That YOU could
That YOU would
Make me happy?
Was I wrong to put so much
Faith and trust in
YOUR ability to make me
Because sometimes your words
Make me unhappy
Your actions
Make me unhappy
Because what if you leave me?
What if the **** just doesn’t
Work out?
Am I doomed then to be
Forever unhappy
Until the next brotha comes along
For me to put more
Faith and trust in
His ability to make me
Or should I just figure out
WHAT makes me
Instead of
WHO makes me
Isn’t that the true question
The real quest
The real goal
To find what makes me happy?
Maybe happiness can’t
Be found in another person
But rather in
By fulfilling
MY needs
MY desires
MY wants
MY dreams
And asking
MY creator
To lead me along the way

Then will I be happy?
you answered your own question

with those last 8 lines
happiness does come from within
if you rely on outside forces to make you happy it's only temporary
you have make you style happy
keep it simple
you'll be alright
do what makes you feel good
try different but it all starts with you



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