Help! I Lost My Rep Power


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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
I don't mean to be petty but I happened to look over right of my avatar and noticed that whereas before I had hundreds of rep points I now only have 50. I have no idea how long my pointts have been gone. Other than accidentally deleting the cookie from I haven't reset anything.

Fambly, don't you love me anymore? :cry::getout::D
Am I just a waste of good skin that crawled into the gene pool while the lifeguard wasn't looking :D
Well for one thing, I am not the most knowledgeable regarding this matter, but last I heard, we do not control rep power/points. It was a software package that Sistah Destee installed allowing us to have Rep Points; I never really took the time to look into how they go up and down.

To be straight-forward, I would just say let Destee handle this, even though I am not she can do much about it. The software is auto-controlled.

Sister River ... sorry that i'm just seeing this ... thank you Sister Zulile for bringing it to my attention ... i'm not sure what happened to your rep points Sister! We don't have anything set-up that would take points from you, we don't even allow for negative rep points to be calculated (and they could be) ... we only take advantage of the positive feedback of this feature ... so ... hmmmmm ... i just don't know ... i looked at my rep points, and see that i also have 50 ... considering i've been here forever, and you ALMOST just got here ... :wink: ... how you get the same number of rep points as me?!!!! There must be a flaw in the system ... lol ... nawwww ... i'm just kidding ... acting jealous and stuff that you have more than me ... :look: ... but anyway ... not sure Sister River why they may have went down ... let's keep an eye on this, and if it goes down again ... we can stab somebody ... i got a few people i'd like to stab, and this will be as good a reason as any ... :lol:

I Love You Sister River !!!

Thanks Brother KWABENA for helping on this one too.

Much Much Love and Peace.



.o0( Wondering what rep power is? )



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