Black People : Hello To Our Guests!

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Destee, Aug 2, 2002.

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    Thank you for visiting us.

    This forum was created hoping that you, our many Guests, will share your opinions of the work, thoughts and love shared here ... tell us what you think of the forum ... how often you visit ... who are your favorite poets / contributors ... or simply say hello to us. :) You are welcome to start new threads or post to already established ones in this forum.

    Since anyone can post in this forum, without registering first, it will be watched closely. At this point, all threads/posts will automatically be included, but if we see abuse (i.e., spamming, advertisements, disrespect, etc.) then we will begin moderating all threads/posts prior to their inclusion and/or delete this forum altogether.

    Advertisements will be deleted. We have several forums available to Members, allowing them to promote their business, service, etc. If you would like to advertise on our forum, you must join first, and post your advertisement in one of the appropriate forums.

    To all the Family Members, of course you are welcome to post here too. I know it's pretty major when a forum has been put before the Poetry Forum :eeek: ! We all know how we were taught to treat "company" and I am hoping that this forum can be as positive, encouraging and uplifting as all the rest. We shall see ... :wink:

    Much Love and Peace.