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Discussion in 'Violators and Violations (Possible Ones)' started by IssaEl21, Jun 16, 2004.

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    With All Do Respect If You Would LQQK At Some Of The Other Post That I Aqil Have Written You Can See Some Of The Cute Name He Has Calling Me . And I Took It Like Man , And I Didn't Run Behide A Woman Shirt Calling Flow. What Make's Him So Righteous That He Can Challenge Others Faith . And When His Is Challenge Again He Calling Flow . If He Have Thin Skin Why Do He Attack Others . Or Why Do He Keep Posting His Insult , If He Can Take It . Others Have Call Me Names And I Havn't Come Runing To You Crying . Just Wanted You To Hear My Side Of The Story . In Cse You Havn't Seen The Other Post .
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    betwixt and between
    Hello IssaEl21 ... of course you may ... :) ... i'm glad that you posted this note to me here, because i've not seen it anywhere else. Brother Aqil did not say anything at all to me, regarding your posts to him.

    Yes, i've seen some of the almost endearing back and forth between you and Brother Aqil, within the threads, and i made no mention of it ... but you both really should stop calling each other out of your names, if in fact you both are doing that.

    Calling someone's name in the title of a thread is a little different. By putting their name in the thread (title), you really take the focus off of the discussion topic, and put it on the person. We discourage that here.

    I don't see every post / thread, but when i do see a violation, i try to address it. That is why i closed all of the threads that had someone's name in the title. You weren't the only one that started one like that, and i spoke to it too.

    It's nothing personal IssaEl21, just trying to maintain the wonderful peace found here. Thank you for contributing to it.

    If you have additional questions, i'm right here.