The Front Porch : Hello Everyone! I have a favor to ask.

I just want to be better educated.

Getting better educated is all an a-okay round here Jil, but sniffing around looking for a ghost writer ain't gonna cut it.
You can take that as a short critique about what your intro to this site says thus far.

If you want to get 'better educated' try a cultural studies program at the local community college, but if you want to learn what you seek go live it.
And to do that you can start by contributing more to this site rather than just wanting to take something away.
Yeh yeh, I probably just hurt your feelings, but here's a little talk bout white privilege for you, spend 20 minutes or so and give a listen:

Now then Jil my question to you is, there are a plethora of great heroic Black women to read and read about both in the present and the past if you want to mine social/cultural history for your own......the deep question is to ask yourself is, what is it you seek?
Go find it, go live it.
If you're referring to "Storm", then I can assure you that my character is not like her. Totally different story, I promise.

We get a lot of stormfront posers in here from time to time. So, don't get put off

Hi Jil ... Welcome ... :wave:

I do wish you well with your endeavor and hope you find the person you are looking for.

If not here, somewhere in this great big world.

There are a lot of phenomenal young black women to model your character from.

You say you have a Spanish friend that is helping with that part.

I take it you don't have any Black female friends that meet the criteria.

It's interesting. I've often thought how white people don't know us, but we know you / yall.

We would not have to petition someone to tell us how a white female might be written about.

Do you think that is an interesting phenomena?

No biggie. I'm really thinking out loud and given the responses you have already received, I won't pile on.

Is there financial compensation for this work? Or is it free slave labor you are offering?

I'm just mess'n with you Jil ... :wink: ... sort of ... :wink:

I do wish you well with the book and if not here, you will get what you need, somewhere.

You guys always do.

Much Love and Peace.



ps ... I really don't mean to sound harsh. I hope you hang around and learn Black people for yourself, so you do not have to ask this question for your next best seller! ... :read:
Just so everyone knows, I never intended to have a ghost writer. I never meant to sound in any way that was negative, and over the past few weeks, I've been learning more and more about how that is mostly impossible. I get it. Some young white girl comes on here sounding all dewy-eyed about racial equality and how she wants to do right by her black brethren, it sounds shitty, like I want to take something. I do not. I've done research, I've read books...but books dont give you what a real conversation will.
I never wanted anyone to write any of my book for me. I just wanted to meet new people. I'm not very good at it in real life. Often outside of the internet (and inside too, trust me) I have much trouble with strangers. Brown, black, white...doesnt matter. I wont give you crap about "I dont see color" because those people arent "woke". They're blind. I see color. I can only imagine what you all are very painfully used to. As much as I would love to believe that we are all just human beings on Earth, some are wronged more than others and that has forced our differences.
I wasnt considering making friends to be labor but I get what you're saying. I figured it would be weird to just ask for friends on here, because I think we've all seen the well-meaning white friend who wants a black friend, but doesnt understand that they need to learn from and help fight certain wrongful truths of society. I do understand that, but I didnt want anyone to think I was asking for the novelty of it or anything. Because I'm not. I just wanted to understand. To be spoken to, where neither of us look down on the other. Just two people (or more) on opposite ends of society's color wheel, having an invigorating conversation.

I realize that my intro must have been off-putting and I apologize. I only had good and kind intentions. I'm not the best at introducing myself, especially when I'm the odd one out. -So I learned something at least! This feels terrifying and awful lol. Hope we can move forward in a positive direction. Thanks for speaking with me, everyone. Have a blessed day.


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