Black Spirituality Religion : Hekau & 50 sound Units/Kali's Garland of 50

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    In -form- ation to purview *regarding* the syncretization of sound alkhemy between intact ancient models of initiation regarding Indus Kush Valley traditions and Ancient KMT.

    Taken from Laya Yoga (The definitive guide to Chakras and Kundalini) Shyam Sundar Goswami Chap 4 pg 98

    :We are living in a world of sounds . As fish move through water we move through sounds. Sounds are producing many kinds of impressions on us.Some sounds are agreeable, others are annoying; some are sweet, others are harsh. Sounds are produced in nature -thunder in the sky, sounds from storm , from rainfall , breaking of the waves in the ocean, flowing of rivers; and inumerable other sounds occuring in nature. There are also the sounds made by birds and other creatures ; the sounds of the human voice -language , even sounds within our bodies. Then, there are artificially created sounds -from planes, trains, cars, and machines. We here all these, but we do not here mantra- sounds amidst them.
    Is it because these sounds destroy the mantra sounds? If we go to a lonely place- a mountainous region, a deep forest or some very solitary place where all these sounds are absent, and we feel calmness there, do we here the mantra sounds? No, we do not. Are we then to conclude that the mantra sounds are merely a fiction? No, this is not the case . The human ear is only able to percieve sounds of certain frequencies, beyond that it cannot go. . Therefore because of these limitations the human ear cannot be taken as a criterion of the authenticity of the mantra sounds.

    Yogis say that the mantra sounds are heard by a "perfect ear."They also say that the "perfect ear" developes when sense consciousness is transformed into non -undulatory, one-pointed consciousness by the process of concentration. When concentration becomes so deep that it continues without any interuption at any point and, finally, the sense objects and the everyday I-ness vanish from the conscious field; and a "super I" is awakened, the mantra sounds arise and are "heard."

    If we accept the experiences of the yogis as facts then we have to accept that sounds exist in 3 forms-audible, inaudible and audible in concentration. But this simple statement does not explain the sound phenomenon; it requires further clarification.

    (The Science) *Sound*

    Sound is regarded as a disturbance or wave, produced by a vibrating object in a material medium, usually air, in which one molecule, when it collides with another, transmits sound. In this manner, the sound wave travels in the air at an approximate speed of 1100 feet per second, and are percieved by the auditory mechanism as "Sound". The transmission of sound waves through the external aspect of the auditory system occurs in this way: The sound waves are collected by the external ear and are transmitted through the external auditory meatus to the tympanic membrane, and thence through the ossicles to the cochlea of the inner ear where the auditory receptors are located. Sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses in the cochlea, and pass as waves of electrical negativity along the acoustic nerve to the temporal cortex.

    The capacity of the human ear to recieve sound vibrations is limited. Out of practically an infinite range of vibrations occuring in nature, the human ear percieves sound only from 16 to 20,000 complete vibrations per second. Below 16, only discontinuous pulsations are percieved and above 20,000 nothing is heard. But there are some animals,especially bats and dogs, who are able to percieve sounds of frequencies higher than 20,000. The brain is not the seat of consciousness, nor do brain functions effect consciousness.The brain is a quantity of matter consisting of molecules, atoms and elementary particles, where no trace of consciousness is found(Khab). But when it is vitalized by the functioning of bio-energies, (prana/Khaibit) it becomes a highly sensitized instrument for the operation of consciousness.

    Neural-neuronal impulses, which are electrical by nature, are converted into a non-material force -the wayu energy-( that which exhibits constant motion the motional or active state of pranic force) at a certain area of the brain and are conveyed to the sense centers and then through the ida path ( one of two vital force motion lines or directions, situated on the left and right side of the vertebral column respectively) to the sense mind. The sense mind finally radiates it to the sense -consciousness where it developes into a *conscious form* (like us) and the I feels it as a sensory object. In this way sound is experienced. This is the internal aspect of the auditory system. That this aspect is not merely a fanciful appendage, is indicated by the following facts.The sense mind, elevated to the "Dhi" ( Concentrative mind..super-consciousness) level, is able to experience a sensory object directly without using the external sensory mechanism (similar to dream states). There are many instances of this. Moreover, in pratayahara (sensory control), all sensory impulses are normally stopped and none of them penetrate into sense-consciousness.The external mechanism remains intact, only the connection is severed. Sense factors from the outer world may penetrate through the nervous paths and reach the brain, but no sensory perception is experienced in this state.

    Let us now return to the consideration of sound.
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    This is a wonderful bridge to melanin and sound, and how it relates to light as well. ASE!!