African American History Culture : Hebrews of the Atlas Mountains Claim ancient ancestral connection with the Khaunas of Hawaii

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    Hebrews of the Atlas Mountains Claim Ancient Ancestral connection with the Khaunas of Hawaii

    The Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long Chp 1

    Max Freedom Long, the early expert on Polynesian magic and shamanism. In his book of 1948, The Secret Science behind Miracles, he tells of the legend of the twelfth Hebrew tribe, and how it became separated from the others.

    Lucchi The Atlas Mountains Hebrew Priestes Of The Atlas mountains gives account of the migration of the 12 tribes of Israel

    Her explanations of legendary tribal history, in which it was related that twelve tribes of the people having kahunas(priest), once lived in the Sahara Desert when it was still a green and fertile land of flowing rivers. The rivers dried up, and the tribes moved into the valley of the Nile. While there they used their magic to help cut, carry and place the building stones of the Great Pyramid. At that time they were rulers in Egypt and topped all others because of their magic.

    The account continued with the recital of how it was foreseen that a time of intellectual darkness was due in the world, and that the secret of their magic was in danger of being lost. To preserve it, for it was as precious as it was secret, the twelve tribes decided to hunt for isolated lands to which they might go to preserve the "Secret" (Huna) until the time was ripe for its return to the world. Eleven of the tribes, after making a psychic exploration and finding the islands of the Pacific empty and waiting, moved off by way of a canal to the Red Sea, and thence along either the African coast or over to India and thence into the Pacific.

    After many years they became "lost" in so far as the twelfth tribe was concerned. This twelfth tribe had, for some unstated reason, decided to go north and settle in the Atlas Mountain fastnesses. They had lived there for centuries, always preserving the Secret and using its magic, but as modern times arrived, the kahunas had died out until only one remained. She was the teacher, Lucchi.----------The Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long p 23

    Oral history and Legends of the Hawaiian people

    Hawaiian legends contained the oral history of the people. In these it is told that the Hawaiians once lived in a home land far away. They saw by psychic sight the land of Hawaii and set out to find it. Their journey commenced at the "Red Sea of Kane," which fits neatly into the idea that they came from Egypt by way of the Red Sea, as it is called to this day in at least three languages. The history gives few details of the journey from that place on, except to tell how progress was made from land to land in large double canoes.

    When the eight unoccupied islands of Hawaii were found by the scouts who went ahead, they returned to the nearest islands to the west to fetch the others of the tribe who had remained there to rest. Trees, plants and animals were brought on subsequent voyages as the tribe moved in and took up its home in Hawaii. The voyages to the outside islands stopped for a long time and complete isolation reigned. Then the royal blood ran out and a voyage to the other islands was made to find and bring back a prince of the high blood. He brought with him his favorites and a kahuna. This kahuna, if we can credit the account, introduced into Hawaii a contaminated form of kahunaism which contained little magic, and commanded idol worship and temple building. This contamination remained, with its idols and temples, even though kahunas possessing knowledge of the workable and practical magic continued their work and preserved the Secret in almost uncontaminated form.------------The Secret Science Behind Miracles p 23-24

    looks like the ancient Hebrews migrated into every continent on EARTH