Black Spirituality Religion : Hebrew word for word analysis of Hosea 13:4.

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    Hebrew word for word analysis of Hosea 13:4.

    1. And

    2. (flowery) I, me - (geometry) vertical, perpendicular (noun) ; plumb line - perpendicular, vertical

    3. LORD

    4. GOD

    5. from ; of ; than

    6. land, country ; earth, world,

    7. Egypt

    8. And

    9. GOD

    10. apart from, other than, beside, save - (flowery) apart from, other than, beside, save

    11. no, not ; don't, isn't ; no matter - (Aramaic) no - non-, un-, im-, in-, ir- (negative prefix)

    12. to know something, to be aware ; to know how to ; to be familiar with, to undergo ; (flowery) to recognize, to be familiar with ; (biblical) to have sexual intercourse

    13. And

    14. (literary) to save, to free – rescue, savior

    15. (flowery) none - is not, no - in- (negation) - none, nothing, zero ; (Philosophy) nothingness, nihility - (slang) in, fashionable - to nullify, to negate ; to invalidate, to veto

    16. not, non - (biblical) only, nothing else - other than, else, without
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    No need to break it down so far if one has the wisdom in the Spirit; it's easily understood what is meant.

    4 Yet I am the Lord thy God from the land of Egypt, and thou shalt know no god but me: for there is no saviour beside me.

    And there is indeed no Savior beside our Father, for He has sent His Son, as no other could, to cleanse us of our sins by His sacrifice in the body, and to confirm us in the faith we need to be brought to His salvation by His Holy works and miracles, ad His resurrection from the dead. I believe, as all should who seek life, in our true Savior and trust eternally in his Way. :)