Black Poetry : Heavy WAIT!

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    I rock this for my sistahs, for my sistahs who've been burned.
    I rock this to my brothas, my brothas who haven't learned,
    that since the beginning, your Queens have picked up your slack
    so now that we need you, you need to have our back.
    This piece is for my sistahs, it's for my sistahs in the struggle.
    For all they do to get by and all the issues that the juggle.
    Brothas listen close as I flow at the break
    take heed to what I say cause I push rhymes like


    What's all this $hit you've been claiming?
    Is that ALL that you know, this dumb $hit you've been sayin?
    You say you're a pimp, bankrolled by hoes on the stroll
    but the more you talk about that $hit, the more that $hit gets old.
    Apparently nobody told you, so I'm here to let you know,
    failure to praise your Queens will lead to the failure of your goals.
    I'm not concerned about what you wear and when or the car you rollin in
    because you dumped your baby's momma and all the soul she was holdin.
    I'm not concerned about the weapons that you say you can blast,
    the way you threaten other brothas, like you don't want your people to last.
    Ni66a, you need to hold up, and


    Working out at the gym but she ain't losing no weight.
    Too frustrated at the circumstances and she can't concentrate.
    To her you don't encourage, you only seems to criticize
    so she's left there trying to fit size 6 panties over size 14 thighs.
    Brotha where is your concern over the tears that she cries?
    Then, when she asks you where you've been, you feed her deviant lies.
    Brotha this is heavy and you need to


    Because there's more....
    You say she's not what you want, or what you need anymore
    but did you say that the other day when she bought groceries from the store?
    Did you say that last month, when she paid your cellphone bill?
    Or how about when she held you close after your homeboy got killed?
    You didn't say that in the beginning when you first asked to hit it.
    You weren't saying that type of $hit, when you were thrusting all up in it.
    You knocked her up four times and now you want to quit it?
    Well, go ahead.
    Do like the Dutchman said, "pickup the scraps."
    You prefer to get a hoochie so your boys will give you daps?
    What about when that hoochie sets you up in her traps?
    What about when she gives you some $hit that's much worse that the claps?
    Listen homie, I think you need to


    Now here's my story....
    I see corporate folks on the elevator -
    acting like they're too important to speak.
    But they'll be the first ones wanting a lift, at the moment I reach my peak.
    I might not write the songs the whole world wants to sing,
    but I write for my people and oh what a joy that brings.
    I'm throwing up the "W" for WASET and not because I'm connect ganging.
    I've got way too much class to go around promoting hoo's banging.
    I'm a female version of Huey from the Boondocks.
    A new and improved Revolutionary Black Woman
    with short stature and long locks.
    Evil lurks around every corner consistently testing my faith
    but I shall rise above it all, and I can't


    So please be strong my sistahs, even in times of trauma.
    Keep your poise and beauty constant even when life brings you drama.
    My brothas you must respect your women, even though you wear the crown.
    Recognize that from Long Beach and the Puget Sound
    to the East Coast and the Boogie Down that the Queen is NOT a Hoodlum
    but she's still carrying power Uptown.

    a WASET flow © 2003 - All Rights Reserved
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    ( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
    Very Nice.. waset

    West Side...
    Welcome to Destee... You have a smooth flow. I like it.
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    Welcome and loved this flow girl, read it twice with my head noddin'. Work it.
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    this was so profoud...thank you for putting it down for us real, true, females...thank you for the wake up call for the brotha's that need it...just thank you for this piece. much love.