Black Poetry : Heat It Up


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Apr 1, 2001
Heat It Up

Eloquence in the rap lingo benevolence wears Kingo intelligence //
Draw gun like Johnny Ringo prevalent like a Mandingo never irrelevant //
A West African tribe Malinke the best in this jive bless and survive the empire //
Africa got my blood groups, thug roots here in Virginia from Kenya I spit fire //
Its the river Niger my friend, put on tiger skin throw a spear, flow severe with desire //
Lot of iron glory behind my lion story black Tarzan with an attack caravan of Billy Goats //
Swing on silly ropes and rap big Willy quotes tell jokes puff on Philly blunt smokes //
In a film above the rim with Jungle Jim recommended for adults the end results flame //
Funky like a monkey name Cheetah fed him a banana on my head a Bandana //
Want worldly pleasures so I hunt for girly treasures want a girl fine like old Susana //
Stake my claim on a Nubian queen Dame her name is Jane hips brown and round never plain //
Came to spit lame in the flesh in this game I suggest fresh lyrics who you going to blame? //
For your weakness, you adore freakiness not me I’m on a hot spree rolling like a boulder //
Alert and eager perk hot with fever my temperature rise like boiling water all over //
Evaporation then rain adaptation to rhyme mainframe bolder than an ill file folder //
Rip an MC academy throw rhyme anatomy drive away with bodies in my caddy shoulder //
Arms colder than an ice storms holder of Boone farm wine let nobody harm mine //
Cut bushy shrub I’m a pushy thug, beer mug is my cup size corrupt and wise with rhyme //
Leave crew with scars don’t believe in new stars designate semester of knowledge //
Escape whack garbage this is school year a fool fear rule this atmosphere it’s college //
Girls panic look boo I’m a sex mechanic complex and romantic boo let me change //
Your spark plug rearranges your dark love MADD you a strange thug well girl you //
Perfumed up all you need is a tune up want to go to your room and **** love your
Candy curl do it on the rug boo or the bed



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