Black Short Stories : Hearts in View

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    It's the 2000 NBA All-Star game where we are introduced to two second year multi-millionaire ball players, who happen to be best friends playing on opposing teams. Jayson Layton, the married, future father and forward of the NY Riverbanks is a shoo-in for this year's MVP award. While his best friend, the very single Justin Hayes, the point guard of the LA Total draws nothing but trouble his way as evident after the East All-Stars win as Jayson is walking towards his Land Rover but is abruptly halted by a very inebriated Justin, after he jumps out of a limousine.
    "Where you going, Jays?" Justin asks.
    "Going to the tel to get some rest and spend time with the wifey." Jayson responds.
    "Come on, now. Let's celebrate your MVP honor." Justin says while trying to push him to the car.
    "Nah, I'm cool." Jayson says while pulling away. "You go ahead." He insists before a crowd of groupies push up on the men as Jayson quickly removes himself from the trouble.
    "Are you sure you're alright?" Justin says while pointing at the ladies. "I know a few of these ******* who would love to give you a congratulatory gift."
    "Come on, man. You know I don't roll like that."
    "Ok ladies, I ain't even going to get this man to step out on his wife so go ahead in the ride."
    The females enter the limousine, which is filled with many intoxicated and high basketball players as one of them yells to Justin.
    "Come on, *****. The bubbly is flowing and the ladies sure will soon."
    "Give me a second, E. Jayson, I got something to ask you."
    "What's up?"
    "I need you to take a test for me tomorrow."
    "What kind of test?"
    "A drug test."
    "Your're kidding, right? I just was MVP and I have a kid on the way."
    "If I take that test tomorrow, I will definitely fail and then I'll be banned from the NBA."
    "Why don't you ask one of those mother fu***** in there to take your test?"
    "Because you're my friend."
    "A friend wouldn't ask another friend to do some sh** like this for him."
    "I'm desperate, man." Justin pleads.
    "Well, I can't help your *** this time." Jayson pauses. "If you knew you had this test, why are you drugging now."
    "I'm not worried about what I'm doing now, it's what I did two nights ago. You know I like to celebrate."
    "And I love to play ball." Jayson says before beginning to walk away from Justin.
    "Here." Justin hands him a piece of paper.
    "What's this?"
    "The address to the lab. This is the last time I will ask you for a favor."
    "You need to get some help." Jayson angrily tells him before placing the paper in his coat pocket. "I'll call you when I'm done."
    "Good looking, man. I owe you." Justin smirkly states as Jayson looks at him pitifully. "Tell Monique I sad what's up and I'll see you tomorrow." Justin concludes before stepping inside the limousine. Jayson walks to his ride and drives to the hotel, where he is welcomed by his eight month pregnant wife.
    "Hey, babe." Monique says before placing a huge congratulatory kiss on his lips. "I'm so happy for you. You finally got the respect from your peers."
    "It's only a statute." He solemnly says.
    "What, don't shrug this off as something insignficant. This is what you have worked for all your life."
    "Well, there's other things more important to me than that right now."
    "What's really going on?" Monique says while sensing despair in her husband's voice.
    "Nothing. Just got the baby on my mind."
    "She's fine. So now we can go home because I can't wait to lay my head in my own bed."
    "We have to leave tomorrow afternoon."
    "Why?" Monique asks incredulously.
    "I need to take care of something before we leave town."
    "I hope this ain't got nothing to do with Justin."
    "No, baby nothing to do with him." He lies.
    "You promise?"
    "On my seed." He says while rubbing her stomach.
    "You better not be lying, Jayson." She says while lifting his face to see his eyes.
    "I hear you." He says before giving her a quick peck as he takes off his clotes to retire to bed. "Goodnight, my two beautiful ladies." He kisses Monique's stomach as he goes to bed and thinks of the consequences his decision to help Justin may lead.
    The next morning, Jayson drives to the medical lab.
    "Mr. Hayes, we've been waiting for you. All we need is your ID." Jayson hands the technician an ID that displays his picture; however, Justin's vital information is included as the proctor looks at the picture and then returns the card to Jayson.
    "Go ahead and strip down to nothing." the proctor informs a shocked Jayson.
    "Excuse you. I can't go into the bathroom to give you a sample?"
    "No, we have to check all circumferences to ensure you are not in violation."
    "What the hell does that mean?"
    "I would need to do a physical exam myself prior to getting your urine sample." The technician places latex gloves on his hands as Jayson looks at him as if he is crazy.
    "You're f****** kidding, right?"
    "No, sir. This is the new procedures. It will only take a few minutes for me to place my finger in your rectum.."
    "Oh, hell no." Jayson interrupts. "I'll rather leave, besides I ain't.." He stops midstream in concluding his sentence as he looks at the technician.
    "If you don't do it, then you will automatically be banned from the NBA." The young man informs Jayson as he reluctantly strips down to his birthday suit as the technician places his finger inside his rectum in order to ensure no drugs are not hidden. Afterwards, Jayson quickly puts on his clothes and rushes out of the building. He is so busy cursing Justin that he doesn't notice two men walking behind him.
    "Are you Jayson Layton?"
    "What's up?" He asks.
    "Did you just come out of that lab to take a test for Justin Hayes?"
    "I don't know what you're talking about." Jayson begins walking away from the men, who are very persistent.
    "Mr. Layton, we are from the Commissioner's office and we have proof of your deception." One of the men pulls out a digital camera which shows Jayson in the lab giving the technician the false id. "Now, that's your picture but it says Mr. Hayes name. Commissioner Stein would like to see you in his office right now."
    "This is some bullsh**." Jayson mumbles while walking with the men to their vehicle. They drive to Commissioner Stein's office where Jayson is left alone with the Commissioner.
    "Jayson, when I heard what you did, I couldn't believe it. I'm so disappointed in you."
    "Where's Justin?"
    "Why? He's not needed here."
    "He's the reason why I'm the fu** here!" He angrily begins. "I was helping out a friend."
    "A friend. It was him who said you were at the lab for him."
    "He what?" Jayson asks as tears begin to form in his eyes.
    "Yes. Justin came to us and said he could provide evidence of fraudulent activity on your behalf." Jayson looks at the Commissioner in complete awe.
    "I can't believe this."
    "You know they say addicts will do anything to protect their own skin, why would you risk everything for him?"
    "This was to be my last favor for him." Jayson says while shaking his head. "I just got MVP last night."
    "Oh, about that trophy. It will be revoked and given to Eric Harris. Also, based upon your actions, you will be banned from the NBA."
    "You have got to be joking. How come I'm the only fu**** one in here? I'm going to walk out of this door and wake up from this nightmare."
    "You can walk out the door, but it will be the same nightmare, son. The league will pay you the rest of this year's contract but thereafter, you are to not participate in any league games on behalf of the NBA. There will be a news conference within the hour to announce your "retirement".
    "I can't face my wife like this."
    "You should've thought about Monique and your unborn child before doing this." Commissioner Stein opens the door for Jayson to leave. "I thought you were the one with the head on your shoulders, Jayson." Jayson walks out dejected and defeated as he rides around before returning to his hotel room. As soon as he enters the room, Monique begins hitting him.
    "What the hell happened?" She asks while crying.
    "I was banned from the NBA for life."
    "Justin set me up."
    "How did he do that?"
    "He asked me to take a drug test for him today. I was leery about doing it, but I went on and did it for him."
    "When are you going to learn, he's not your friend. Those drugs have clouded him from reality. It's either his way or no way. I can't believe you stood here and lied to my face last night!" She yells.
    "I thought it was a sure thing."
    "Nothing is a sure thing. As a matter of fact, I don't even want to be with you anymore."
    "Don't say that. I need you." He pleads.
    "You don't need me. You need your "friend". I'm going back to live with my mom until the baby is born. In the meantime, I'm filing divorce papers." She finishes packing her suitcase.
    "Mo, don't do this." He says while grabbing her.
    "Get the hell off me." She says while pulling away from her husband of five years. "You did this. I can't even stand to look at you right now." The phone rings as she answers. "I'll be right down." She hangs up.
    "Who's that?" Jayson asks.
    "My ride is here."
    "Your ride?"
    "Yeah, it's over Jayson." She retrieves her purse and walks out of the door as Jayson begins tearing the room apart. After management informs him of the various complaints from patrons, Jayson leaves the hotel and drives to Justin's house in San Fernando Valley.
    "You punk *** bit**" Jayson says while beginning to punch Justin in his face.
    "Jays, I had to do it. I couldn't get another notch under my belt."
    "So you set me up. Why couldn't let one of your drugging friends do this for you?"
    "You were easy, man. There's two things you can't resist: your wife and our friendship."
    "I'm thru with you, Justin. Do you know Monique left me?"
    "She ain't going nowhere."
    "She took her sh** and left all because of my friendship with you. You think you had it bad when Pam disowned you, wait until I walk out on you. I don't want you calling my numbers or showing up at my home ever again."
    "You're not serious."
    "Justin, you just don't get it. I'm banned from playing the sport I love. My pregnant wife left me. I ain't got sh**. What do I need an addict in my life for? I hope these drugs were worth our friendship." Jayson says while opening the door to leave as Justin stops him.
    "Friendship. You stopped being a friend when that bit** walked into your life. Monique never liked me."
    "Don't ever call out her name. She may not have liked you, but she tolerated you. You were my boy from kindergarten, there was no need for you to act like an *** when she entered my life. It's a little too late for this here moment right now so I'm out. If you don't straighten yourself out, you are headed for the worst downfall of your life and you won't have the ones who care for you around you." Jayson concludes his words and leaves for the airport as he returns back home to Hartsdale, New York, where he lies around the house very numb for at least a week until he finally call's his mother-in-law's house.
    "Hello", a mature woman answers.
    "Hey, mom is Monique around?"
    "Hey, baby. Yes, she's here. I'm so sorry to hear what happened and Jayson, everything is going to work out."
    "Thanks, mom."
    "Monique, it's your husband." She yells as Monique picks up the other line.
    "Yes Jayson." She asks nonchalantly
    "I'm standing in the middle of our home, alone and I want my wife here."
    "I don't care what you want. You lied to me and I can't forgive that."
    "I'm sorry." He pleads.
    "I know that." She sarcastically comments.
    "You're funny. I don't want to be in here alone. I haven't slept without you in over five years."
    "Jayson, I'll call you when I go into labor. I don't want to hear this." She hangs up and two weeks prior to their daughter is born, Jayson goes into a serious depressed state as he is drinking endlessly until one evening Monique calls him.
    "It's time." She yells into the phone.
    "What hospital are you going to?"
    "Mount St. Vincent." She says before hanging up in his ear as her family rushes her to the hospital and Jayson takes a cab to the hospital and runs into the maternity ward.
    "She's in room 111." Monique's mom informs him and just as she is about to give a final push, he goes to take her hand as she squeezes it for dear life before delivering their daughter. He is so jubilant as he cuts the umbilical cord and watches the nurse cleaning his baby before handing her over to him. Jayson begins playing with his new born daughter.
    "How is she?" Monique asks groggily.
    "She's beautiful. She looks just like me." He says before placing their daughter in Monique's hand.
    "You mean she looks like me. She doesn't have your big head and she has some beautiful, bright eyes." She turns to her daughter. "Hey, little girl. we couldn't wait to see you."
    "Do you have a name prepared for her?" A nurse asks.
    "Yes, we do. Her name is Terri Christine Layton." Monique says while looking at Jayson.
    "Thank you." Jayson mouths to his wife as the nurse takes Terri to the pediatric ward and prepares Terri for her debut to the family.
    "So, are you going to come home now?" Jayson asks.
    "Jayson, I was serious about the divorce."
    "You can't be serious. We just gave birth to our beautiful daughter."
    "We?" She asks in disbelief.
    "You know what I mean. I want to be a part of her life."
    "You can still be a part of her life, but in separate homes."
    "Come on, baby. I don't want her growing up like I did. I didn't even know my dad. I want us to be a family. I miss you. I need you at home."
    "Jayson, we can never be a family again because you allowed someone to break up our family. I'm your wife and you lied to me. I can only imagine what else you've lied about so instead of me worrying, I'd rather be on my own."
    "You don't mean that."
    "I put everything on our daughter about my seriousness."
    "I'll make sure you two are well taken care of." Jayson says realizing it is truly over between he and Monique. He joins his family in the pediatric ward as he tries to hide his emotions from everyone.
    Six months after his contract expires with the NY Riverbanks and the finalization of his divorce. Jayson goes to play overseas basketball for a number of years but realizes he misses his daughter and NYC life. Upon his return from Italy, he walks past JT's, one of New York City's hot spots and barely misses a familiar man and woman walk out engaged in a heated discussion.
    "What is your issue, Eric? Do you want me to lose my job?" asks the woman.
    "I don't give a **** about that job!!" Eric loudly begins. "Everytime I come to pick you up, there's a man in your face."
    "I'm a hostess. I have to be accomodating to my guests." She calmly explains.
    "So why don't you get one of those nigg**s to drive you home?"
    "Because you're my man."
    "Well as your man, I want you to quit tomorrow. You know my basketball career is blazing."
    "That's your career. I need my own life. I don't want to be following your a** around the nation being bored out of my mind."
    "You **** sure ain't bored with the ends coming your way."
    "And you **** sure ain't bored with all your illegitimate children popping up from everywhere!!" She declares.
    "Ok, bit**!! You've said enough! Get your a** in the car!"
    "I think I'll wait for my girl to take me home." She responds fearfully.
    "Get your ******** *** in the car!" He yells while opening the passenger side door and tightly gripping her arm. As he grabs her, a vagrant man appears out from the shadows.
    "Is there a problem, Ms. Pam?" ask the vagrant man.
    "No! There ain't a problem. I'm handling my woman." Eric says to the stranger.
    "I was talking to the lady."
    "Well, I'm talking to you. Get your bum a** away from my car before I bust your a**!!"
    "Jay, everything is fine." Pam says in order to diffuse the confrontation as she gets inside the car and Eric enters on his side and scowls at Jay.
    "Now get away from my wheels before I run you over." Eric drives off and a crowd exits from JT's as Jay goes over to one of the ladies.
    "Ms. Alicia, you need to check on your girl a little later." Jay warns.
    "Who?" She asks.
    "Pam. Her man was a bit hostile to her and she looked scared."
    "Thanks Jay. I'll call her as soon as I get home. Howard has some left over food inside." She says before getting into her truck and driving home. After winding down, she calls Pam, who has just finished crying.
    "Hello," she answers nasaly.
    "Hey girl. How are you? Jay told me to give you a call."
    "I'm good", Pam lies.
    "Have you been crying? What did that negro do?"
    "He hasn't done anything." Pam says while soothing a black eye. Let Howard know I won't be in tomorrow."
    "You know he ain't having that. You need to get rid of Eric."
    "I can't. I don't make enough money at JT's to move."
    "I got money for you." Alicia pleads. "I got a place for you. Girl, if he ain't treating you right, get out!"
    "I love you, A but I can't right now."
    "When will it be? When you are in a coffin and we're saying your eulogy. Girl, think about it."
    "Who the hell is that?" Eric says while banging on the locked bathroom door.
    "Nobody baby. A, I'll talk to you later." Pam hangs up and returns to bed.
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    this was full of tales and eye popping view really enjoyed this short story .
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    now i want to know what happens to Jayson after this traumatic incident...
    cause i stayed with the wanting more...
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    is it a part 2 i really enjoyed this one