Black Poetry : Heart So Dark

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    I found dark places in my heart

    I had never even known were there

    What's scary is

    It wasn't scary to explore

    Or even adore, what I had found

    Parts not non-existent, just bound

    It felt like falling

    In love

    Now it keeps calling

    So my mind's stalling

    And I'm left just wanting to know

    Do I even have a choice to go?

    Or was it,

    Is it,

    My destiny

    This whole time wanting to be free

    Becoming more of me

    Now there's more I truly see

    There's so much more I want to be

    So lately

    I wander the dark

    And wear it like a cloak

    Hide behind it, watching

    Gather what I want to know

    I sleep in it and wake in it

    Not knowing where I am

    Forgetting and remembering

    Some things I knew and parts I can

    I see others wandering

    And know the ones

    Who were once like myself

    Who had once never felt

    A darkness upon them, like I feel

    A Shadow Lover, so... surreal

    It tears me together & pieces me apart

    In the depths

    It left me

    And found me

    I found me

    A heart