Black Poetry : Heart of a Lover


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
I gave you my heart
and then my love
open my soul
to your rapture from above

I spreaded my wings
and accepted the price
never did i think twice
ready to put up da fight

I lone to know the essence of you
feel the love you have that's true
and get to know we can be glue
hear you say i love you boo!

heart of a lover
is real to instill
something yo body can feel
so thy mind can open wide
for the love to enter inside

my love is bigger then life
when it wish of a wife
to have and to hold
live in depth strong & bold

this heart is real
one that truely feel
and in you it instill
to bring you happiness & thrill:ilu:

da heart of a lover
A Dyamondluv T. Creation
Nu~wave Ink Publishing & Production
AllRights Reserved 2008
Da $R
The heart of a true lover is beyond intense
Makes my heart beat faster and faster with no false pretense
Its highs and lows are like the greatest roller coaster ride
Its ups and downs you gotta take in stride

Struggling to endure the passion and pain all at the same time
The only way I can explain it is in the form of a rhyme
There's nothing like a man who can hold a woman down
Loving me from head to toe with an occasional trip downtown

Is it too much to ask for passionate love and burning desire
I want to scream to the mountain tops as you take me higher and higher
Can you be the one who will cherish me like no other?
I want to experience the heart of a lover!
Da heart of a lover is one of a kind
love u up & down even from behind
can hold his woman down
often pay a visit wit a tongue twist
make u moan wit pleasure sound

Da heart of a love
can give u passion and fulfill ya desire
take u above mountains even higher
cherish u like no other
be that perfect sweet lover
sho u things made for a queen
give u affection as da King
and bring reality to ya dream
heart to heart as one and team

His love is deeper then life
that will keep ya heart in flyte
he's like da stars & moon at night
sweet sunshine in da light
be yo chocolate delight
and asure u things alright

His heart is warm as summer breeze
one ya hands will love to squeeze
and depth that aim to please
and a treat like tasty freeze
I can be that mystery of thee
i could be the one to be
i might be that gift that flower
i am da heart of a lover
one smooth cool brother

u really wanna know fo sho
all u need is to step on da floor
and feel da heart of glo
well what u waiting fo !


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