Black Poetry : Heard a boss beat and walked across the street founded out it was CD yelled turn it up and defeat quietness, it was a heavy Impala Chevy with dubs be


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May 11, 2006
Heard a boss beat and walked across the street
founded out it was CD yelled turn it up and defeat
quietness, it was a heavy Impala Chevy with dubs
be at every club had SNOOP DOGG switches loves
to bounce up and down the driver sip gin and juice
turned and walked a few paces, you see new faces produce
friends, now home to my door use the cell phone galore
and party on the shore of VIRGINIA BEACH, this is BLACK
HIP HOP,in the right town see a girl in a night gown fact
of the matter is I must rap and trust my map no crack
around so I'm safe, “SO BOO you a brown Soul Sista
and CUPID shoot arrows sweet down a narrow street pistols
not needed, I stand-fast with strands of grass under my feet
girl this is all vapor and like wallpaper it sticks to a fleet
of ships, so boo let me grab your hand do you have a man?
Have luck with chicks
but somebody chucked bricks
at my ride while the wheels turn quick
“OH NO NOT yet but my coo-chee
hot and wet doe hands so juicy
around you get to flow to fans,
I remember I was hot galore
and a boy knocked at the door
wanted to come in
and from then
on things change
and his bling was strange
her life started to rearrange
wow he has a clever name
his chance for romance never came
well I guess my body come first
got breasts at a party and dumb thirst
guess a sprite would make it right
but right off the bat no cake tonight
oh my coo-chee is so hot
sticky and juicy a lot
think my panties become undone
and this boy want some for fun
because I have cool cake and
schoolmates want some stand
here at my home and this boy
want some bad, he jest enjoy
and grabbed and try to toy
with the lips of my thing
oh stop you need a ring
on it doggone it, wow he jest
he grab my waist and kissed my lips
as his bling dangle free
his words didn't strangle me
oh a Brown Sista go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH boys never stop
they jest reach for the panties and
this is Black Hip Hop and he plan
to get her tongue at the front door
amazed with hope as a haze of smoke
hung below the ceiling oh no joke
some sexual healing about to take place
and he wants cake and lace,
her grass a true green
front door a see through screen
oh he jest kiss her lips so brown
he got her tongue open the gown
she move her thing around
aw girl I want some
but I don't wanna come
he's proud of rap
kisses made a loud snap
with some quick luck
he picked her up
went to the bedroom
jumped on top
wanted to pump it a lothe was going crazy
her jucy coo-chee was flowing gravy


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May 11, 2006
Boo he's big on the scene
like LU LU figurines
made of alabaster
not afraid of a disaster
NAW PLAYER pull up my dress
he wanted to suck my breasts
toss on some lotion
ask my boss for a promotion
he said nope but my lips are
red dope not chapped
ready for hot rap
now she dig tuna
and a big kahuna
got a plump rump
and boys talk junk
in the club bulk funk
oh her panties are so hot
her pie maybe gone cold
and really she try to control
he said “aw girl you got yellow thighs
as a red bone mellow eyes
wow I'm a fellow that strives
on that, she was all hot and
he was ready to call the shots
not a bird brain
never heard to complain
a yellow Soul Sista claim
to have sweaty yellow thighs
and boys in love with her skin'
tone guess it begin at home spin
the crystal ball love in her dome again
this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
she involve her attitude
to solve and conclude
this, “OK BOO romance with a true queen
turns out to be a dance routine
try to force satisfaction
with this course of action
in a witty groove
you may need a committee to approve
ok he has a bold roof
and told the truth
its really a cold use
of words he need a kiss
so he can proceed to reminisce
he has a hood flow
and she think he should go
he speech in quotations
and his words reach locations
such as bedroom
and touch heads tuned
to sex, cruise through the hood
if the news is good
and the BB KING blues should
let me know the thrill is gone
so boo you a red bone strong
and belong in the club us two
we kiss,some things we must do
shook with quotes a habit
took notes with a tablet
need your cell number
so things go well this summer
we date go to subway
get cake and make love everyday
“NAW PLAYER never happen
even after raw clever rapping
one boy kissed her lips and try
get some of her wet honey bun and lie
for her moon pie, took me to his car
can't win with a rapper
so it's end of chapter
oh he jest got her tongue
right against the car
he was convinced so far
he was prince
oh she jest moved her thing around
she in a min-skirt and bra
gosh her panties are so wet
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