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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief elder Osiris:

Hear Me Oh Divine souls, you whom I am the essence of, you who were before the coming of the solar orb, which I am of today, yet, am I in a world of such a Divine Solar Orb and remain not to be of such a World ? one that despise the Intelligence of the Divine Energy Essence, whose expansion extend into Infinity throughout all Eternity, yet is my Humbleness is before a Black Present World, which must come into the knowledge of the Black Self ?

Oh First Way Ancestors, whose Life goes into the Bowls of the Universe and whose experience is of Many distant Galaxies, you that are in possession of the Divine reality and Truth, which do not conflict, nor collide one with the other, but serve as a verification of each other, serving as the Universal Empirical proof that he Energy of Intelligence is Real and indestructible,

Such Divine Eternal Infinite Intelligence we now, in our elementary Life Being, referring to such a Divine Reality as being a GOD in the Nature of a Homosapien Beings, a sign of the Lost of Knowledge of What The Extreme Eternal Infinite Energy Intelligence really verify To Be, and Not To be.

Hear Me Supreme First Way Ancestors, you who are of the Perfect Night and has a Reality in the Bosom of the Universe Fire, that which send out a Revealing Glow that verify that the Perfect Night is your Mother and assign Power to the Universe Fire, because of the Supremacy of its Eternal Infinite Existence and it without , will give cause to not have and Not to Be, yet because of the Majesty of the Perfect Night, there be the process of the coming and Going, in and of the Perfect Night, in which you were, and out of which you did come, being the children of that which serve as the Perfect Shadow of the Divine Eternal Infinite Essence of All That Is, and Ever Will Be.

To You goddess and gods of my Flesh, The First way ancestors Of the black World, do I make Ovation for you to Hear Me, you being the Mother and Father of those that wear your Coat, symbolizing the Perfect Night, out of Which You Did First appear.

Hear Me ! the Reality of all Wisdom, when I make Supplication unto you my mother and Father, from the bosom of Eternity and Infinity did you come, tell me the Mystery that must be Known, before your Like Kind will be allowed to Rise as the Learned People of This Time, in this World, knowing the cleverness of keeping from maintaining to be a part of this present Evil World, an act of disobedience that now cause the Black World, your Blanket of Divinity, to become a reduction into being a part of a World that now control the action and Behavior of a Paralyzed Divine Black Mind, as we now function under the Mind of the World, the Human being, the World of Lucifer, the Essence of Evil, in and is of, this World.

Hear Me! You that first came This Way into the aftermath of the seeding of this Solar Orb, acquainting yourselves with a Heavenly body, with a Newness of Life, which we now refer to as Queen Mother Earth, she who extended Her Presence unto you and did Hold Up A Civilization of Your style, that the Present and Past recent Worlds have had, and now still do not have Knowledge of.

Not since experiencing such a Divine Lost, as I present to you the case you have Revealed to me, to share with Them Your Children, they being the Divine children of the Perfect Night that has gone astray, and now is totally unaware of their Divinity.

Hear Me! you who are of the First Way Ancestors, First to dawn the belly of this New Mother of the Heavens, within this Solar dispensation of Time, now referred to as our solar System, consisting of the residue that cause a Solar System To Be, it being referred to as Star, Planets and Lunar Planets. ( Moons )

Hear Me Oh First Way Ancestors! as I plead my case to the Black World, the case you have assigned to me to do and yet have fore warned me of the difficulty in causing a Resurrection of a Dead Black world and the difficulty being, that a Black World will not Rise unless there is a Seed of Knowledge of he Black Self being planted into a Divine Mind, long covered with a Profane Seed that grow the Human Being Mind, it serving to be a contradiction to the Divinity of the Black Being Divine Mind.

Hear Me Oh First Way Ancestors ! as I share the Divine information to a Scorched Black Human Being Mind, the Mind of those who say that they are the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the Human Beings of and In this World, whose objective is to prevent the Black world from ever Knowing the level and quality of our Divinity, a sure sign that we will remain the reduced children of those that now confess to be Liars and Deceivers, did cause us to stray away from the Divine Truth, a Truth that run Genetically Deep Rooted within the Chemical of the Black Human Being, we who no longer Know the Divine True Nature of our Being.

Hear Me Oh First Way Ancestors ! as I present the Revelation as you have revealed to me about our Need which will assure our recapture of our Divine Mind, you who are well aware of our sojourn into the America Diaspora, the Length of our stay and the requirement for our Return back to where we Black People in the Diaspora was conquered into a forced journey away from the Home of the Black world.

Now the time has come for our Return, yet it is the confused Human Being newly Afrikan Mind that serve as the greatest stumbling block of the return to Afrika, and the Black World to the original Divine State of Reality, that which had such a Black World to be Liken to the solar Orb of which we Black Folks are a Part of.

Yet today, we know not what to do in order to recapture the Black Divine Mind, the only way the Black World will be assured to Rise again, in the Full Glory of our Divinity, a state of Mind that require only Thought for the sovereignty of the Black Life and the Joy thereof, In that place referred to, as Afrika.

Hear Me On First way Ancestors, You who are as Real as I am, as I serve as the Evidence of your Divine visit to this solar Orb, needing no ghost to believe in, nor a False God to create, such being a Sure sign that we black People Know Not The Divine Origin Of Our Being, thus we have no Thought of who we Black people Are, The True sign of a Dead Black NATION, One that Refuse to Unite again.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you


Chief Elder


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