Brother AACOOLDRE : Health Care for Blacks

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    Some people in the general public are afraid that the government will distribute health care service and medical supplies like animals treat each other in a survival of the fittest mode of conduct. They are paranoid that a government run health care system will be like the IRS-rewarding and punishing groups and individuals depending on which political party welds power. We already have the Fox News talking heads claiming 80 year-olds will be denied services to take care of 40 year olds illegal immigrants. This is boogeyman politics of a scare tactic.

    The democrats and Republicans will continue to fight over how much money insurance companies will be able to get over on us. Meanwhile, I’m more interested with whats going on right now. I’m concerned about our jails and prisons being cess-pools and incubators for tuberculosis and hepatitis A,B & C. I’m shocked that some doctors distribute medicine to blacks that was clinically researched for whites and have no effectiveness for one ethic group compared to another. We must read resource books like the Nurses Handbook on Pills to become aware that there are different stroke prevention pills for different folks. I’m stupefied that some in the medical field still believe Blacks had sex with green monkeys bringing AIDS into a modern day plague. The truth is they were using monkey meat as a food supply that ended up contaminating their blood and immune system.

    All this noise against President Obama health care proposal is really about trying to deny him a legislative trophy like FDR got for Social Security an Johnson got for the Civil Rights legislation. We have nothing to fear or be afraid of with the pending health care bill except doing nothing and allowing the bogeymen to demagogue the whole situation into nothingness.