Black People : Health Care bill Aftermath/ helping Patients or the HMOs?

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    Premiums have been increasing with reports ranging from 20% to 60% increases for many Americans and businesses. Further, the law may decrease employment-based insurance by 3 million people by 2019, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation. This combined with high unemployment and underemployment will push people into the individual insurance market. The individual market is particularly at risk for increased premiums which is of growing importance because of high unemployment. Blue Shield of California decided this month to withdraw a major hike in the face of public outcry. This proposed 30%-35% increase would have been the third rate hike since October, the three increases would have raised rates by 59% to 87% for 200,000 policy holders. While some hope the Obama health law will slow premium hikes, Claudia Fegan, MD of Physicians for a National Health Program writes under the Obama heath law “sudden premium hikes are still possible and, in my opinion, quite likely under the new law.”

    Underinsurance, requiring Americans to pay more of the cost of health care, may become the norm because of the 2010 law. The new law will hasten the current trend toward underinsurance as plans where patients pay an average of 40% of their health care bills qualify to fulfill the employers' obligations to provide coverage rather than pay an assessment. Massachusetts, the model on which the Obama reforms are based, recently found that medical bankruptcies have not decreased with the new law. The lesson – it is not just health insurance, but the quality of the insurance that matters. After deriding merely adequate insurance as Cadillac Plans,” the Obama administration is showing support for high deductibility plans with large out of pocket costs that do not provide financial or health security.
    The Health Care Crisis Grows While the 2010 Health Reform Shrinks | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization