Black Poetry : He who wears the mask..........


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
He who where's the mask
Where's the mask
as if it was the greater task
Many women you preyed upon because of your hurt
Face buried in hard sands
as you hide the truth
Your youth
was a problem
So to help me solve it
You played me like a fiddler to his strings
You told me things
That I knew wasn't you
I tried to fall for you
Your cockiness, your arrogance should have been more of warnings signs
Your temper, your defiance should have been my cue
to not be with you
But once again I play the dame to help those who in need
Like a vampire
You sucked me until I was dry
I was about to give up
and scream the words you told me how you don't give a f@@@
He said don't return evil to evil
Is all I could enforce
You left me no choice
But to give you the same slap of
I felt
When all you had to do was keep it real
Keep it real
was a front
Smoking many blunts
Too forget the past
I saw your pain
Your pain
was my rain
of internal tears
I felt your fears
But instead you choose to play me
Play me
Play me
Now you just a scared man with no sense of
How to love
How to love
I await the due needed apology
I am not falling for your bull you see
For I will never trust the one
"Who wears the mask!"
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