Brother AACOOLDRE : HE WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG ROLL: lets find its true origins.

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    THE WHITE HOUSE EASTER EGG ROLL: lets find its true origins.

    The Beetle is Egypt means “who brings into being”

    When Osiris passed through his stages in the underworld in the night he was reborn as a new Ra/Re (sun, nicknamed Cat) in his form of the beetle/Kepri in the morning. This was symbolic of death at sunset and birth at its rising. The beetle is also in Nun/Noah’s ark with the birth of Canaan (Re) to make the boat go from the Ogdoad to The Ennead

    “When we go back to Egypt we see the Beetle (Khepera). Symbolic of self-begotten and self-born. Beetle was identified with the rising sun, and new birth generally.

    These insects compose a very numerous group of dung-feeding Lamellicorns, of which, however, the majority are inhabitants of tropical countries.

    A remarkable peculiarity exists in the structure and situation of the beetle’s hind legs, which are placed so near the extremity of the body, and so far from each other as to give the insect a most extraordinary appearance when walking. This peculiar formation is nevertheless, particularly serviceable to its possessors in rolling the balls of excrementitiously matter in which they enclose their Eggs.” (The Gods of the Egyptians Volume 2. 379-380)


    I just hope that Trump while on the White House Easter Egg roll they don’t step on some dung on the white house lawn.

    The Pyramid texts of Unas (1587) states:

    Salutation to thee, Atum

    Salutation to thee, he who comes into being by himself!

    Thou art high in this thy name High Mound (heap of dung)

    Thou comest into being in this thy name Khepri”.