Black Poetry : He wear cleats around

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    He wear cleats around
    got his feet on the ground
    like cats at //track meets
    and his facts are deep
    with the speed like FLOJO stats //
    oh no proceed where you at
    rise, at the club stay and think
    but have to pay for drinks //
    and this girl thing stay pink
    time to write a love letter play with ink
    holding a boss code
    ran across the road
    and through a hedge //
    gave a true pledge
    could be in affair shook
    snapping my finger barefoot
    gliding through time
    using a dividing line
    to mark my limits
    he write art no gimmicks
    so there's dinner here
    don't try and interfere
    now a winner appear
    he's blind in classes
    need to find his glasses
    falling behind in masses
    of schoolwork time passes
    by look at trees towers
    it took every bit of three hours
    I stand shook
    reading a handbook
    for a solution anyone can look
    too many pages turned
    now on stages to learn
    how to become an actor
    won't have to drive a dumb tractor
    for the rest of my life ignorance an attacker
    of knowledge, I usually write fact
    and that itself is quite an act
    sometime find myself in a white Cadillac
    kissing a girl wanting some tonight mad whack
    study to reach decisions
    open he bible and teach religions
    here in VIRGINIA BEACH having visions
    these facts rip shop but have to duck the leach
    they latch on and suck me dry
    now look at this KOREAN GIRL BUTT it look fly
    definitely got cake for date let me try
    nothing like a piece of SEOUL wet pie
    “SO LOOK boo I sit down try write
    also ready to fly a kite
    if I don't get some pie tonight
    deal with tensions and anxiety
    just some dimensions in this society
    use rap try come with bizarre strategy
    get jumper cables hook up to car battery
    come up with dim replies not enough
    found out I have to memorize this stuff
    in the HIP HOP groove I step
    ready to rip shop in the move to help
    ride bus from farm to cities
    got pride plus that alarm committees
    come to girls have a legal fun desire
    most time a hot kiss equal one fire
    have a habit grab a tablet and rhyme nice
    sing like LENNY KRAVIT show a sign of life
    so boo wanted a date before night fell
    end up in hotels just to try and write well
    grab the computer come with facts nice
    wear bling ice on my pocket money a sacrifice
    well Is guess to get a fast kiss
    suggest that be a boy's last wish
    “NOW I'M a KOREAN girl with butt
    and boys play for it like the world cup
    you wanna be kissing my lips
    catching trout dispatching clout on a fishing trip
    when I speak I use wet slang my plan hassles
    for real I get a bang and still build sandcastles
    oh my panties be wet boys try get some
    kiss my lips wanna date but I let none
    fool me
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