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Apr 6, 2001
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He was...too stuck on personal
and not on business.

He was...too much about himself.
and not enough about others.

He was...too lazy to work hard.
and not willing to sacrifice.

He was...too young to know the
importance of life.
And looks pass the good.

He gave up to easy...
and complained to quick.
Not willing to walk into open arms...
and struggling to make it.

Shaneak ****rell

Copyright ©2001 Shaneak ****rell
shane some sistas are like that too. we live in a microwave society filled with instant gratifications that sometimes hard work can not be put forth. we are unwilling to bend and make sacrificies, scared to get our hands dirty.
what if our forefathers and mothers were this way... sho glad you put this out.

I couldn't tell ya!!!

If they were this way our society would be in a rutt but the thing is...we already are. Yea...some sistas are like dhat also...I didn't really know how bad until recently when I decided to open my eyes and actually look at my own sex...just to see our faults...we are pretty some cases. But then again their are a lot of cases. I would never thought that these things would be such a great issue. I guess because i stay to myself. Anyways...I just can't help but to constantly wonder what is our society coming to? I can't help but wonder.


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