Black Poetry : he was quick to understand that he need a chick with a thunder plan see a chick voice fresh and brig


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May 11, 2006
he was quick to understand that he need a chick with a thunder plan
see a chick voice fresh and bright breasts just right wanna hold her hand
this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH he try reach her heart
to teach and start love talk, she has pie and cream lips bright in part
like high beam they drove along a dirt road mini-skirt about to explode
she had it pulled down, but he see her sweaty yellow thighs a big load
of kisses await reminisces with cake on his mind hormones wrecked
she's a Red bone with cake got her head on straight he was ready to
have fun downtown and run aground like ships he panic being new
like the TITANIC CREW and love swim above the rim like TU-
PAC so its best he keep his head up because dead luck don't fly true
and he want pie too so he try boo with some love talk and card deck
bet her door is closed but he can soar with a rose possibly make a connect
Wear great bling clever just to make things better around his neck
strange and wild how he changed his style rearrange a pile rejects
just to get his point across he anoint boss words with action verbs
girls have heard him speak in the dim streets of the lonely suburbs
tried to be free from fault and be caught up in progress its absurd
not to be he yelled nothing can stop me like Fat Joe “I'm all the way
up” he need to repair his affair before it goes up in thin air today
he stay down because his girl play around came home early another
dude was there he gave him a rude stare ask him to leave other
men are not allowed in my home, his heart was squashed oh gosh
he was pissed she tried to explain it multiplied the pain like BOSCH
spark plug he was fired up, you could fry a egg on his head

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