Black Poetry : He was having fun in town saw a girl and spun around her skin black he couldn't begin a whack conve


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May 11, 2006
He was having fun in town saw a girl and spun around her skin black
he couldn't begin a whack conversation because she had class inexact
on what to say her hips was bouncing around, bouncing around club
was full wonder could his love pull her, she sincere and real with love
his rear wheels shined on dubs no designed hub caps he listen to thug
rap but need a chick quick to lick the trick is finding the right words
coupled with tight verbs had to think awhile she got a pink pile of absurd
excuses little do she know he wants to fiddle with the radio dial in wild
HIPHOP, wanna juggle black history struggle for victory just his style
HE SAID I accept your view but need help from you is it too late for
a nice date a slice of cake, your lips soften my mind slips often at bars
facts are all real and a snack is a small meal like peanut butter and cookies
“OK I'm a Black Soul Sista a queen cute like green fruit mean not ripe
but I'm the hot type and my crop is hot and you won't stop getting hype
the juice in my thing flow more when I go ashore like ships boys really
try here in VIRGINIA BEACH a Black Soul Sista have to be on her P'S
and Q's to deal with these dudes my cake in collisions and I must make
a decision it's too late for religion up above flies pigeons from the skies
falls lies to civilians, my plot is true but do or not to do? I have pies
as a hot boo and boys flock to this just to get a hot kiss love multiplies
“LOOK I'm from a jive block and like livestock there's beef on the street
a thief get beat down on the streets prevail on a steep trail to complete
success and then suck breasts hard to duck the stress, boo the air is fine
want an affair online so boo I see you agree to do a date and a few hate
that like tires inflate when flat so where yall at?” “I DRESS great stress make
me hesitate my breasts vibrate sometime but boys get their share because
I'm wet down there look love is simple but raw so I have a dimple in my jaw
not even SHIRLEY TEMPLE could flaw when it comes to this it's love law
in HIPHOP master the phrase and herd into a pasture to graze like cattle
and the hype rattle my panties but they don't drop that easy have to battle
to keep them on, my flirt code is a workload for boys, you thirst for cream
and ready to burst at the seams like ripped pants tripped over romance it seem
you fell down can't nullify that my dome is crazy and lullaby is song for a baby
at home you gone crazy on my gravy so it's nice to have rice with this? Well maybe
oh a Black Soul Sista go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH I guess it's our
black sweaty thighs that make a boy ready for pies they come steady to tower
with the lies, sliding in bed and striding ahead toward sex then you shower
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May 11, 2006
afterwards, one time I was in Walmart mind involved like a part time job
fine and flirt really not my line of work, boys try jerk up my skirt doorknob
get turn I'm wet and concern, tall females deal with small details we see all
as a total recall exists with sex always a kiss girls can't stay away from this yall
friction and dust leads to a position of trust then a restriction must come about
got the best cake my breasts great can't escape or get free he won't let me leave
oh I'm so hot down there he has a plot I'm unaware he jest stare grab and squeeze
my waist and tease my lace said please let me taste you girl,” “WANNA be in touch
so we can see much of each other plus you have peach butter should let me clutch
your breasts you have more than enough can't ignore stuff let me get you home
be wet and alone get to the phone talk lovey dovy, oh girl come on we roam on
carpet shown up at the market” “NAW PLAYER my mini-skirt is part of a work
of art boys be alert and start to rap, stay with an itch in a way in which a whole flirt
can be made up but I'm afraid to duck persuade by luck like WESLEY SNIPES
a Blade can cut, you gonna have to man up oh a Black Soul Sista is on the fun
boys wanna take us home have fun so we stay under the gun for some a ton
of love talk come from their lips and i'm aware of trips downtown while I move
my thing around oh that jest run a boy nuts when I move my thing like that groove
smooth for bed talk, ”REMEMBER I wit this boy I thought I was gonna git to
enjoy walking away but he was talking all day I decided to stay I should've been true
and say no way Hosea and close my thighs but a rose flys across my nose now trapped
and somehow the crap went to my head I looked down and thighs was wide open perhaps
I'll close them but he jest kissed my lips in the car I was hot and sweaty but not ready

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