Black Poetry : He tried to fix his luck because he's mixed up and confuse been used like soap in a bathtub this is not a the path of love you can do the math in a cl


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May 11, 2006
He tried to fix his luck
because he's mixed up
and confuse been used
like soap in a bathtub
this is not a the path of love
you can do the math in a club
in a community of script
never let an opportunity slip
have fun with script
try run a ship
navigate the water and slip
into a TITANIC struggle
a romantic juggle
with apples and oranges
thoughts been wet
this pure great and brisk
cats can't urinate on this
see a girl with breasts crisp
she can make the guest list
“BOO YOU A KOREAN GIRL wanna reach
your panties, there be more on the seashore
stuff one can't ignore we can kiss before
leaving part of his rhyme dispatched
boo we can start from scratch
give me the key undo the latch
girl got swell lace
may have fell from grace
and so well we can't waste
time so take me to your place
my car come real
but far from ideal
need some CRAGAR MAGS
NAW PLAYER: you wear dew rags
and stocking caps to get waves
in the room my breasts empowers
my perfume has the scent of fresh flowers
no hassles to spare
got castles in the air
I go on camps and see cliffs
but my perfume be damp sniffs
boys revamp their words try lift
my Minnie skirt stop! its a gift


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May 11, 2006
my Minnie skirt stop! its a gift
OK she was a divine dancer
and had to find and answer
in a matter of time she could
shatter boy's mind from he hood
one boy kissed her lips and should
put a ring on it
one time she gave a boy some
he went nuts, lost in fantasy
boss romantically
he was moonstruck
she must soon duck
or wind up stuck
in bed now a red truck
she soar with sweet pie
got more than meets the eye
he jest kissed her lips in the store
they're so red and bright
can see them in the dead of the night
write art eat spinach
from start to finish
got POP EYE chicken
and hot pie worth licking
now he gets her tongue
so wet and sprung
oh he wanted some
she was jest moved her thing
up and down the CD sing
aw girl I don't wanna come
she say he went nuts from
the hood she say her thighs
was wide open couldn't hide
oh a KOREAN CHICK go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH whoopee do
oh gosh he's tearing it up for real
oh she started saying stuff like:
oh merry mean full of of fun
see a cherry girl and pull
oh on a lyrical course
with physical force
knock her thighs wide open
her pies jest be smoking
oh evaluating teams
with a calculating machine
don't add up
could cause bad luck
oh girls misled by men
could end in a head wind
they go crazy on it make the bed spin
oh boys sniff it like toast
even on the pacific coast
oh you want fast cake
just because you a classmate
that's a task that's great
oh a crisis at the house
but girl in the nicest blouse
oh a crease in pants
release romance
oh unruly emotions
and a girl has truly oceans
in her panties and use lotions
on her legs, oh a pile of books
library styles got me hooked
boys use Old Spice
then eat a bowl of rice
go on a date drink MAKALY



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May 11, 2006
Put words on a truck
and these nerds better duck
make birds fly up lost in the sky
while girls toss pie on a sexual high
take vocab to the club for action
grab love affection and satisfaction
have larger writes
and they like harbor lights
shines while winking
my rhyme style is thinking
ahead and prepare the bed
for a chick,
need luck and chemistry
to help a corrupt ministry
“NAW PLAYER OK boys want cake
so they destroys, reshape
and change words on a date
her breasts renown
but she keep her dress down
she flirt from the start
so its a work of art
and maybe twerk in the park
she have to make sure
her cake is pure


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May 11, 2006

her cake is pure
she clever galore
and like a weather shore
boys from ships come
toast and sip rum
and then float a boat
“OK BOO around and about
he's going down town no doubt
put on a gown and shout
female friends
are like whale Finns
they stick you
need a chick that's true
this is bold and raw
and like a hole saw
this cut metal
eat chocolate chips
and like rocket ships
ready to take off
girl your cake is soft
concern with the frequent rent
that kicked off a turn of events
her salad ballistics
like valid statistics
boo you a brown Soul Sista
with brown sweaty thighs
this love crisis
has made the club the nicest
place to be he want lace free
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