Black Poetry : He tossed the books and lost his looks from the knowledge stand point so with college he plan to anoint his brain and start over again before it's to


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May 11, 2006
He tossed the books
and lost his looks
from the knowledge stand point
so with college he plan to anoint
his brain and start over again
before it's too late to win
success now see a BLACK SOUL SISTA
'look boo sex is a wise treasure
its for exercise and pleasure
it has a surprise measure
of love you a strong female
and walk a long the trail
of love, girl you really nailed
the club last night with a mini-skirt
panties and bra” “well I live alert
around a pond when I lay down
on the lawn a boy come hound
and try to get some
but I let none
fool me, a determine look on their face
be really shook on my lace
read in a book boy can taste
a girl's body before the party
in bed,” “BOO is my chance small
for somehow getting romance and all?”
“yes” “well lets kiss and reminisce”
“NAW PLAYER got pie and chocolate
and your hormones skyrocket
like gas prices
it's a fast crisis
my craft is like a giraffe
reach leaves on tall tree
and you use all these
words to get sex
I see thunder in your eyes
and my panties are undersized
surprised how wet they can get
remember sitting in this boy's lap
in December admitting I'm trap
he was kissing and gitting to rap
in my ear, my cake and breasts
has made great progress
in a very short time
get all sorts of rhyme
tossed in my ear
they cross my mind but not clear
a speech in the car and stuff
really wanna reach far enough
to grab my panties not up to snuff
on this, wanna go to bed huff and puff
but I know one thing he want some
he's wearing bling so don't come
weak its dumb to repeat a bum
he want cake to be brave
and like a great sea wave
wash snail shells ashore
well I jest can't ignore
his plea, my thighs are gap
and he want pies perhaps
looked in my eyes “girl you sweet”
head whirl too surprised to speak
while the teacher teach class
he wanted to reach fast
for my panties “stop that
a teacher occupation is to instruct
the student population is corrupt
I must listen
trust me he's kissing
this is not my priority
even though hot majority
of the time and with authority
have to duck my head
or end up stuck in bed
Even a dumb task
will come to pass
got vocab and avoid
the tabloid even a pretty boy Floyd
know that he flow stats
he got raw rules
like law schools
he's into families
but its a menu of calamities
for him got a car with rims
come to girls go to the bar for them
find a chick and buy wine quick
that's the way his mind tick
drink a cola and watch hips
and like a solar eclipse
and like a solar eclipse
wanna cover her sun
and discover fun
in bed regular run-
of-the-mill stuff
its such a thrill to huff and puff
jest can't get enough
try flow rhymes
and this show a sign
of skills that builds from time to time
see a BROWN CHICK in a mini-dress
in plenty stress and yall know the rest
let me go mess with her head and test
the water
HE SAID: look boo


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