Black Poetry : He searched the hood because there is much good to be founded

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    He searched the hood because there is much good to be founded

    In folks but a pound of dope could change everything get hounded

    By the police astounded no peace in his life now he’s frowned

    Upon by law abiding cirizens, but now he feels its time to write

    Rhymes that appeal to minds and reveal the times we face in sight

    Today so tonight we pray that he see the way stop and come right

    With folks he agrees and please bring trees to their knees from height

    Like hurricaine winds his main trends are to uproot nincompoops

    Seasons fly by but the reason why some folks don’t drink in

    December can’t remember Santa Claus and must wink when

    He sees a girl then begin to git benefits from kissing a lot

    Agree to please now he jest squeeze her waist her thing so hot

    She tell him to stop, she admired and desired by him, his plot

    Is the head for the bed loves her skirt no doubt wanna workout

    Like JAY COLE her body a deft boil nothing left to spoil all about

    Love, her body deserve esteem he couldn’t curve his dream want

    Words could redeem his desire this girl on fire like Alysha Keyes don’t

    Rock the boat he started to think “I bet her boyfriend is nuts about her

    He jest grip her hips and kiss her lips they jest fall in the bed and be Stir

    Crazy like Richard Pryor be on fire, improper love talk could cheat this girl

    Have her in a complete world of wrong thought at home caught in a whirl-

    Wind trying to be his girlfriend, boys of all sort wanna work it because they

    See cake this could create a short circuit with flaws in a love affair fore play

    prevail necessary tits a female’s dairy suck get milk a very sweet today

    her phat body is like a commodity at a party it’s valueable up and away

    like a speaker he wanted to elaborate in detail and grab the cake

    of this female have a love rate that prevail even on TV couldn’t escape

    his emotions sweat was like lakes and oceans on his forehead, great

    decisions are to be made, she’s a wet mess in a velvet dress panties soaked

    in his mind the vibes stir as he describe her as a sex queen with complex

    cream, a winner sometime eat dinner with wine thoughts intertwine vexed

    whack and rotten but like black cotton wears good, born in a storm,

    adorned in uniform an army of harmony amazed he’s raised on a farm

    his peep game is tilting he must keep it from wilting ready to speak alarmed

    over her beauty thought she maybe thrilling and pure but unwilling to endure

    , he said “look boo if I use love wrongly I could go to the club lonely a dang

    scrub is the only one that’ll try that I’m a guy with stats drink some Tang

    for breakfast, boo let me bake your cake before it break into flakes easy

    to crumble I’m sleezy but humble the wind breezy and rumble so freely

    girl you’re a true boo dame with a choo choo train wanna feast and proceed

    while it increase the speed accelerate and devastate bedsprings so who need

    tissue? So boo during sex I believe my soul can achieve a goal my true creed

    is to fall in love, boo love talk could be a nation of script which could lead

    to a relationship, really want some when I come into possession of your love

    after using aggression and a hug can’t kiss and say god-bye can pour a tub

    of bath water so wet to get my path in order step in suds need help at clubs

    stunted with a gift and confronted with cats trying to git your phone number

    have them in a certain position while min-skirting friction wanna plant a cucumber

    in your garden be starting stuff for real, I want cake swift so make this a gift kiss

    and lift your skirt let you deliver a wet river on the sheets when I skeet and reminisce

    facts are dense in the abstract sense but my act rinsed with sweat you not wet yet?

    I thirst a lot and that could be the worse flop for a sprite really hot tonight and I bet

    You wanna jump in the bed your body pure as bread I’m sure your lips are red how

    Am I gonna secure the bed without breaking the headbords? Living plush and now

    Like driven slush covered with ice and bling and that’s a nice thing, girl got some legit

    Rap after you sit in my lap git the map so I can pinpoint your salad so I can cum fit

    And anoint this balad of love, I cling to luck but hope I don’t foul things up I’ll bring

    You a cup of wine because your butt is fine so for you boo its coo-chee coo bling

    Got to be juicy too Kung-Fu like Lucy Lu my thing be kicking like Chinese chicken

    And rice gonna be licking it nice just that ICE LIKE CIARRA my clock ticking

    This thing is on ding-dong goes your door bell and ring tone roars your cell

    Now girl you know I want some don’t come acting like you’re lost all is well”

    She said “naw player I don’t mind your rap but you won’t find crap that’’ll

    Indicate bedwork, yes have on a red skirt but don’t step on my door mat

    You up for a true task one who ask expensive question your verbal phat

    Words is a form of intensive aggression, you rapping to me and there happen

    To be already a love connection that is trapping me so don’t be napping

    On my beauty boys walk around and stare because I get really hot down

    There I got breast to be sucked when I dress is up but I best duck clowns