Black Poetry : HE SAID


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May 11, 2006
At no point or level I'm to anoint the devil stay hot and may not extend my words //
with wins absurd in battle competition rattled by the friction of microphone verbs //
drop speeches as slop leeches latch on as I dispatch Strong verses for your //
imagination plain causing fragmentation in brain so what did it rain? Stuff soar //
like balloons can't ignore these tunes now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA //
BEACH and friction wise there's a restriction in size addition of knives is NINJA //
roll wit a team bold see a queen to hold my mind extreme cold she pose in silk //
breasts got froze milk will a rose wilt in her hand? Mini-skirt her clothes built //
to fit, paralyzed in fear and shock this honey here is hot don't know mind clear //
or not, some stable cake sex could help unable to take the next step some sincere //
words about to spring a loose I have the bling she got the juice no excuse not to rap //
;came with a hot act stop her dead in her tracks “Boo we can have fun today if you //
don't run away got a ton to say to you so stay boo? “SO LOOK BOO this could do //
a back stab if I don't fact grab so I increase the rapping stuff cease to happen //
oh wow may want some gin this must come to an end leave my head overlapping //
in a dumb spin, my plan is ill but at a standstill, buy a raw rose and draw this //
to a close we can end up on a date for cake, all I need is a firm date to reminisce //
and not terminate “NAW PLAYER you concerned with cake must learn your fate //
because a love affair could be a grenade today about to fade away so best hesitate //
remember I got breast and cake, right now my dress is down you wanna mess around //
while my beast nipples pound against my bra don't make sense to star in a renown //
movie in town that's groovy then you go down town as a newbie and tongue pound //
you're a hot guy like pop eye strain to finish the job game and spinach is involved //
for real it's fun flirting ;but feel uncertain about that right now got my doorknob //
turned by boy as he try enjoy my goodies, I try duck before he ate my pie up //
manage to escape while he wait for a plate when my panties in corrupt //
collision they sticky have to make decisions quickly sex religion could be //
tricky, my lace fine don't waste time no dilly – dally at a silly rally would see //
progress, under my dress wet with fast flow can't let the grass under my feet //
your car a drop top so the roof is soft so don't goof off I have proof when we meet //
that you will toss my panties up so I best chill from my breast spill milk in the heat //
of the night, now this I;s BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH my skin soft and brown //
and my panties getting tossed around like nice frisbes while rice crispies await down town //


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May 11, 2006
survived playing cat and mouse a boy arrived at my house knocked on the door i was in shock galore said boo you a hot cute and i wanna knock the boots wow when a boy want a girl's do-nut this is how he show up huh? had facts not to mention that his words attract my attention oh so dumb this begin "boo can I come in? I was like yeah , yeah and no no like Destiny child I had the recipe so I smiled and let him in he had a wet grin on his face

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