Black Poetry : HE SAID:

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    HE SAID:

    this usual friction is like a musical composition it plays a tune //
    in your brain and soon the pain come, now this is all class no boom //
    I'm rap wonder and like a clap of thunder this stuff make noise and shake //
    the ground so fakes all around wanna kneel and gonna feel this no escape //
    have facts and ability never lack of agility never smoke whack crack in //
    Philly and my rhymes attack the silly, slap caps off never rap soft when //
    I write theme and like a light beam this shine bright it seem tonight steam //
    could fog eyeglasses need tissue to proceed with this issue wipe of and clean //
    my specs, this stuff smash scrubs need enough cash at clubs to buy drinks and //
    try think, home convinced by a cutie which is a strong sense of duty //
    I'm all class and like tall grass cats wanna mow me town because my beauty //
    flow is renowned, get all sorts of clever remarks when I write a short letter //
    with remarks it's a note with legit quotes admit jokes not allowed so never //
    at no time should these phat rhymes be taken lightly, take a long walk after //
    some strong talk about BLACK HIPHOP it's a hike in VIRGINIA BEACH try master //
    my ghetto blaster and turn up, my words peek like a bird's beak cats get pecked //
    in the head and wrecked in red drop tops so stop the madness must avoid attack //
    see a girl with fine hips now my mind trips time to flip some words in her ear //
    she prefer to hear" "LOOK BOO beauty and booty cause stuff to occur I'm here //
    because a kiss must exist willing to take a risk your cake is brisk ready and //
    proper like a BETTY CROCKER cook out,boo look about you check how a fine plan //
    you wear a blue skirt and I must do the work make your coffee brew and perk //
    so let me jerk up your skirt and fall on the bed after all is said be alert //
    as boyfriend and girlfriend my world spin around love talk boo, my words and //
    jazz with pride serve as a guide,rap quick, trap chicks use a mapped plan // tricks from up my sleeve with dumb luck manage to squeeze her waist and stand //
    alone so you see boo lets me and you date, you crave to be flirting today so //
    you can behave a certain way its a burden to say we not compatible go loco //
    thinking about you, write terrific art and take a specific part in HIPHOP //
    and from some hair Jherri Curl juice drip drop,look at your lips get hot //
    this stuff stays bright like rays of light so I can tell days from night //
    so boo stop the battle don't make sense to be hot and rattled the flight //
    to sex is an easy one we can have sleazy fun you a BLACK SOUL SISTA we //
    know that, "NAW PLAYER my lips glow today red wanna show me the way to bed //
    I best be in advance and see romance before it happen more rapping misled //
    me my head be ringing and the bed be springing oh gosh I be hot down there //
    and juice be around everywhere but I'm down and be aware of stuff doe care //
    is taken by rookies wanna be baking my cookies and these are not Oreos dude //
    so cancel that glass of milk got class wear silk boys ask out of guilt allude //
    them, think you wanna proceed in my butter one remark lead to another your //
    creed clutter my eardrum I try not to hear none but appear some got through //
    because my panties wet as heck oh I don't get to check them oh Whoopi doo //
    soaked in juice hope to loose the lips on it a bit oh a BLACK SOUL SISTA //
    go through a lot here in VIRGINA BEACH between my thighs a fun source //
    of satisfaction but for maybe an unwise course of action a magnetic force //
    my cake spinning you wanna make a beginning like BARBIE AND KENNEN baby //
    doll, right now as your rap stand you need to adapt plans for new crazy //
    circumstances and try get true gravy romances from tricks up your sleeve //
    wanna use power to chase my bagel a flower vase on the table, so freeze //
    if the flower bloom then your power is doom may shower go to my room //
    take an hour to bask in perfume, devotion and pledge lotion on legs tune //
    on CD now we at KFC can't figure for the deft of me why SOUL BROTHERS be //
    licking that chicken better known as yard bird, this is BLACK HIPHOP and we //
    in VIRGINIA BEACH and this boy want my dark chocolate and expect his love //
    talk art to rocket and somehow land under my mini-dress plenty stress, club //
    maybe the next stop he want sex a lot a girl can see that in a boy's eyes //
    he enjoys pies