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    HE SAID:

    Got a cool past but like a school class can't depart until the bell ring wear swell bling can tell I'm king, ;get to rapping and the microphone let it happen make provision to have cake and flow with precision and throw religion on the plate to be ate and worshiped , want lace indeed in case I need love and rest my creed is above the rest so boo a hug and I suggest we go home my hormones are jumping and pumping like crazy wanna be slam dunking your gravy, see a girl it's sex bam boom and like an exam room it test my brain and your breast remain untouched my game is to search for panties boo what you say huh? Have collision with scriptures and like television pictures this stuff entertain give plenty EMMY to winners in the game now this is BLACK HIPHOP in VIRGINIA BEACH you a grown girl shown in the world of BLACK HIPHOP NOW I'm at REDBONES ready to head home after I pull a chick quick no doubt fine running out of time sending shouts online now I gat a DYNA SUPERGLIDE A 2005 no jive boo it's time to ride just left SOUTHSIDE on WITCHDUCK ROAD IN VIRGINIA BEACH believe STEVE knows HARLEY DAVIDSONS like the back of his hand the facts stand for itself KEVIN knows old school bikes bold cool and hype class in session as I ask questions about my shovel head HARLEY a FXEF so complex and deft try do myself be rumbling a lot oh the stumbling blocks I face everyday, now see a chick have to be quick concerned about her pie I turn my eyes to look in her direction shook over her affection KOREAN with sweaty yellow thighs mellow pies slim and hot we can eat some kim-pop wrapped in seaweed we need that, I really glanced at a romance with a chance to get some, my bandana tied in the manner specified for the street, amused tonight use my sight to search might touch her with the right words my hype is absurd, girl your KOREAN perfume bring plenty sniffs and like many gifts it's given freely I got a bold crew willing to sip SEOUL JU and shockingly the makalee is on the menu, your perfume after plenty sniffs lead to many gifts it get my head tuned to the bedroom got sweaty oriental thighs sentimental for my eyes it's essential that I have your pies , shower my brain with endurance and now have the power to influence to direct folks behavior my quotes are major with dope flavor hope my pager don't go off like MCGIVER bring het from the driver seat and like a diver I'm deep in your waters well it's mandatory that I tell this story the category of rip that cake look try have fun and rely upon chicks can tell I'm wise because I sell merchandise on credit and strong energetic because I lift weights grab a girl and sniff cake the gift is great make no mistake, put my life in order let my advice slaughter cats wit stats knock off hats, so boo since we yogi we can order bulgoggi and then kar-dar chogi how about that yobo? I bet your wet KOREAN CAKE so right bed noise keep you wake at night because I'm going crazy on it boo on the HARLEY DAVIDSON being in the wind is swell and we blend well with nature and our nomenclature is two lovers ride or die and girl you got pride and pie

    ALONE MY first week and thirst for a sweet see one holding a purse in the street bike parked on the street start to speak “hey boo I enjoy the wind do you need a boyfriend? “ “NAW PLAYER I live and duck so I won't have to give it up you wanna go search for so much of my love and clutch my waist in the club because my lace is loved by many here at REDBONES my head in a zone this morning got a brisk warning on my cell phone well this boy wanted to come to my home I said nope he knows my lips are red and dope hard to resist he insist on a kiss so what can I say had no plans for today said OK wow he almost wrecked his drop top getting here wasn't far away a boy's car today is fast oh he used some deep verbs had to keep my word so I gave him a jaw kiss he spoke raw ish he bought roses galore I accepted couldn't help it now closes the door call it quits he wanted all of it wouldn't go any further have to give him plenty butter,

    -----------------------------THE END------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    ” NAW PLAYER good story but no dice you flow nice but you won't get my wet kimchi and rice by a long shot even though I'm home a lot boys wanna run the show have fun with flow in VIRGINIA BEACH KOREAN GIRLS see a lot and be hot being cute boys be seeing fruit I'm eye candy and I keep pie handy these VIRGINIA BEACH boys try talk kimchee but I walk simply away but my thing be so wet and hot doe, better house than street was aroused from sleep by a pickup truck a boy drove up and wanted some said ”BOO YOU forever sweet got leather seats can't stumble or fumble sit down lets be humble, got my money caught up bought a truck you ought to give it up we go to a hot bar not far from here I've devastated MC'S and like grated cheese this stuff has flavor for your oriental brass behavior I just ask my pager not to ring because I have on hot bling don't want to be disturbed by words girl got curves like a cola bottle run boys loco as a model like TYRA BANKS girl you got sweet pie and I wanna eat at the Y you a wet hot chick and you keep a set of chopsticks so pass the napkins while I'm doing some fast rapping” “NAW PLAYER I'M KOREAN think you wanna stir my batter and prefer to shatter my headboards I'm and extreme diva like QUEEN LATIVA LIVING SINGLE FASHION couple with mingled passion oh my panties are wet all this BLACK HIPHOP boys want cake thick and phat more than you can shake a stick at can't restrict that just the way they think , play with ink and write love letters these thugs better learn not to be concern about folks think, so dope my pink thing is about to be sweeten and eaten, been around and about and found out that boy's rap a lot just to trap a girl's G-spot and we be so hot can't see what's going on but I awaken instead before I was taken to bed oh the wet lips on my thing was so hot then oh the plot that men use to brainwash is a strain and squash panties a boy almost smash my cherry pie he was very fly with his love talk mess up my head breasts got sucked in bed, freak trends on the weekends got breasts and cake but must hesitate and meditate boys want breast and cake, your hunger for a kiss no longer exist but sex on you menu next you into taking me to bed I see red in your eyes, my facts prevail like blackmail boys wanna shake me down because my cake is renown and VIRGINIA BEACH is a great town, but a KOREAN girl go through a lot a boy tried get me in his blue drop top jest to listen to some HIPHOP started kissing a lot skin a oriental yellow that's essential to a fellow