Black Poetry : HE SAID:

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    my style corrupt and the words pile up plus wild luck can impact on the brain knowledge and facts explain a lot of things, so these rhymes increase in size as peace arise look I feast on pies if some girl around the world don't frown on that wear a brown hat, look cats try knock it but this stuff skyrocket like jets on crack I get to act as king, look I'm charming cake at an alarming rate
    strong arming with bait use my car to do this, got class with clever game but the love crash never came, and now my groove clearer see a chick and move nearer jest play smart while here at K-Mart thrilled by her something will occur or happen when rapping words using trapping verbs so cake and lace is about to take place I make my case here at K-MART, want romance and a kiss a chance like this is rare love brisk in the air, this love talk is all art but ready to fall apart right here at K-MART in VIRGINIA BEACH, I'm wearing a blue shirt this girl has a true flirt her body brew and perk like FOLGERS bought at KROGERS, when wet she moan and groan need to get her home then her flirt skirt will become undone could have tons of fun, she have deft pride to left side is the DOLLAR TREE as a scholar she soar need to holler more try find a girlfriend, right now having some dumb luck hope my brain become unstuck, she has breasts to be suck if she pulls her dress up really impressed with her butt, SO LOOK BOO your pie is dope and I have high hope of getting a slice after letting the nice words clutter your eardrum, it's madly whack if my words are badly packed like squash fruits wanna brainwash this cute, love is a striking trend puts my mind into the recycling bin, girl you a queen and fine you seem to mind about me kissing your red lips my head trips jest thinking about that, boo your body galore smoking and your door open have a right to speak and a slight squeak in your voice so it's a street choice with thug lingo, now you have cake boo let me date you, as I sneak a look you sweet and shook keep me on the hook with fishing bait wishing for cake it's squishing my fate, girl got a fine booty in the line of duty and your kind kisses are fruity, your brown body brisk toast and my kiss both sweet and hot and the street rock with HIPHOP girl you have pride and choice let me ride your horse softness collide with your voice, you grab your dress unbutton proud for boys then there's that sudden loud noise of bedspring being torn like paper and all types of vapor exist so boo lets date you got wet cake hope I get to take out