Black Poetry : HE SAID

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    Have to speak and say it’s a freak day can’t keep away
    From Dunkin do-nuts my CD is pumping it up I stay
    For a cup of coffee a girl drove up in a truck and continue
    To throw butt and then bought a do-nut off her menu
    Lips red hips incred I have a thirst she grabbed her purse
    Money honey Benjamin deliver here on Indian River worse
    Thing is she’s not my girlfriend but she make my world spin
    Here on INDIAN RIVER ROAD my sparkling drop is within
    The parking lot I hope the dog barking stop hey and by the way
    Who let the dogs out? out front a traffic light and really today
    It’s graphic sight when it turn green the cars take off and this
    Girl cake is soft, love amaze with a flat storm and like a raised
    Platform this page could be a stage for a brisk kiss I’m amazed
    A girl with pearls be greater and it’s a world theatre really praised
    For its love right here at DUNKIN DO-NUTS pumping my flow up
    For grabs, so in the world it appear there’s a girl here and stuck
    Up at DUNKIN and fly almost thanksgiving so it’s Pumpkin Pie
    And of course I’m a chicken dumpling guy sweaty and ready to try
    A slice, there’s scene at this event she a queen and kissed frequent
    So like NORMAN BATES create a psycho with hope and be very decent
    Grab a microscope and slides for viewing right here in DUNKIN
    Inside brewing coffee and I’m renewing softly my vows and jumping
    For sex, my mind go through periods of growth and my lyrics are
    Toast me and this girl’s spirits are close and may collide bizarre
    In bed if she ride in my red drop top non-stop to my new crib
    And there are barbe-cue ribs there waiting, this is how we live
    Right conversation lead to overnight accommodations she give
    Kisses with tongue I reminisces sprung my wishes hung on dreams
    There come steam after each word, my pillow has sacred stuffing
    And like DAVID RUFFIN “my whole world ended” now alone tuffing
    It out, it’s too much to speak about you sweet no doubt we should
    Eat out I’ll love a picnic with a slick chick so baby boo it’s all good
    Your body bless with curves can’t express in words, so you know
    What’s on my mind after some strong wine not a long time to flow
    Like 2PAC above the rim and wise and love to improvise in the club
    Stem and rise to the top really surprise how hot she get wanna rub
    her thighs, girl you a phat treasure at my pleasure my stats you
    can’t measure but it must be fun to flirt take you to a concert boo
    that many went at any extent not for paying plenty rent to
    a slumlord dumb not to avoid the hassle wanna live in a castle
    this jazz touch as much as desired a search is required a rascal
    try steal my style and this reveal a wild adventure, now I’m here
    at the DUNKIN DO-NUTS on Indian River and providence a sincere
    coffee break and this girl got some bossy cake and glossy make-up

    “SO LOOK look boo you wet and like a complete fleet I’m ready
    To float your boat and hope to get some just a wet honeybun sweaty
    Oh yes you a queen with esteem and it’s best we team as boyfriend
    And girlfriend you make my world spin around like a whirlwind”
    “NAW PLAYER I stay bright day and night boys wanna a girlfriend
    You best find the details to get a divine female these kinds of tales
    Help love affairs, got a strong twerk on the alert some boys fails
    And kissing is what a girl is expected to do I’ve rejected a few doe
    I remember one December had jest left DUNKIN DO-NUTS to go
    Home, my body sweaty and stable plus ready and able to have
    Set and grab the kotex a boy’s vocab can be vexed from the lab
    Of love talk, and of course my body hot galore came home and
    Locked the door a boy knocked my heart soar, I didn’t understand
    My body started smoking even more when I open the door he jest
    Kiss my lips right there couldn’t go anywhere probably get my breasts
    Sucked now try pull my dress up “stop” oh I was so hot down there
    Juice around everywhere, the do-nuts was critical I bought aware
    Of a political which may lead to a debate over my cake oh he jest
    Got my tongue right against the wall convinced yall my mind is less
    Into this but his menu is to kiss and persuade me to give him some
    A girl don’t live dumb we know this here we go another kiss from
    The gutter brisk and now he utter this “oh boo I love you girl”
    Oh that twisted my head and my lipstick is a ballistic red curls
    In my hair he wanna kiss it in the bed and be licking my thighs like
    Like them chicken fries at CHICK FILET quick to stay overnight
    Oh gosh love talk brain wash I’m dame squashed my head is shook
    And misled he jest took me to bed went crazy on my gravy it’s cooked
    (THE END)
    “BUT cake today could take away your strength in a sense wanna
    Lift my dress and my gift is my breasts your rapture dimension
    capture my attention so a convention in bed maybe an extension
    You dumb in the mind when it comes to eyes the shine of bling
    slaughter and that keep everything in order but my panties sing
    Because they wet, stretched and boys don’t need a sketch to find
    Them my red lips remind them so in a way today a queen by design”
    “Boo You shook and deft like a book on a shelf let me turn your pages
    Boo your love is swift and its not mud or filth in the club lift cans
    Of beer understand this here I pop bottles and meet hot models plan
    To take out and that’s what cake be about I take aim to get cake from
    A dame have to make my game tight awight? boo you sweet and brisk
    Gone on the street with this, strut some butt just let the booty twist”
    “NAW PLAYER I’m wet and stable if I set a table my cake will be ate
    Right off the plate because it’s soft and great and boys love cornflakes
    From BATTLE CREEK their love rattle a sweet wet panties adorn lakes
    Now I eat clam chowder and stuff and put on powder puff before
    I go out and this attract guys they backtrack with their eyes galore
    One boy kissed my lips trying to hit the skins thought he was gonna
    Get to spin my wet panties around a bedpost but I said nope I wanna
    Go home oh he beg so much for some and I still said no a girl have
    To be brave nowadays boys crave for some I jest start to run and grab
    The kotex wow no sex, he tried to chase my space lace like uniblab
    Oh a girl have to be on her P’s and Q’s to mess with these dudes”
    “ BOO I Got a drop top have to shop a lot for tires that my car desires
    But girl you strut softly right by my cup of coffee which requires
    Class you start fires fast in my heart can’t dodge the darts that
    Are thrown by your beauty can’t ignore a cutie like you so phat”
    “THANKS PLAYER got perfume on wet and alone as soon as we get
    home you gonna have a love Jones and try go crazy on it jest wet
    Gravy dog gone it, my breasts are fine and I’m pressed for time
    Looked around ready to put my foot down soot on the ground find
    A boyfriend, this is true friction and like the NEW EDITION “if it
    Isn’t love” I don’t know what to say, you wanna do stuff that’s legit”
    “My slang and luck strong girls never hang up their phones so
    I have bling on and love my ringtone let me bring you home oh
    You’ll get sweaty fast listening and kissing to TEDDY PENDER-
    GRAS when “somebody love you back” my flow struck your tender
    Do-nut like a pair of hungry teeth and only KEITH SWEAT does
    It better feel me? Now we in Virginia Beach news keep ears abuzz
    Desire to travel but it require gravel which is a load of road
    That will explode into interstates become a winner with code
    About to adopt a plan to drop on the land I go over a load
    Of passion awaits and my fashion be great like coats and
    Bow ties in my quotes flow flies like birds and ties verbs hand
    And hand to grammar and this alone demands glamour wow
    Boo your lips of love can grip a thug’s soul trap it somehow

    My phat lace itch at a place which only boys know and as toys
    They go when winded up so there’s no GI JOE that don’t enjoys
    Pie yo with love talk that required force on a desired course to
    Get some grab a girl’s breasts wanna suck but I’m gonna duck you
    May have struck some true nerves with just a few words so
    I’m plenty alert in a min-skirt not jest any jerk can do that oh
    I’m hot down there about to blow up in DUNKIN DO-NUTS time
    Fly by while you try get some of this one dumb kiss can blind
    A girl and find her world spread in a bed, giving sex of all kind
    Could fall in love from time to time right here online must design
    An escape, my thing wet like a river or beach and you wanna
    Deliver a speech have my head swimming in bed linen oh gonna
    Escape this scripts phat like an accomplished diplomat they