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    HE SAID:

    To HIPHOP pledge to rhyme put on pants one leg at a time and //
    That’s just divine as some lust for wine but I must find a plan //
    Being groovy at the bar is like being a movie star all eyes on me //
    As I tries to be humble in a jungle of wrongdoings and I must free //
    Myself and be deft so I left my hometown grown can’t stick around //
    Grass greener on the other side became a cleaner brother with pride down //
    With success can clown the best with these HIPHOP skills so look yall //
    MC’S wear bling rapping but these things happen onstage I can’t fall //
    For all that is said could end up with a fat head empty of knowledge //
    Best to simply sign up for college put down the wine and the garbage
    Git chicks phone number and ride home slick in a hummer //
    Have to restrict the summer foreplay I’m not a lousy newcomer //
    Want a girl with a phat pie hot and lie at the top of the love game //
    It’s breezy today and like STEVIE J LOVE AND HIPHOP came //
    To play with my mind, equip to rap but my lips chap because I //
    Try be Clever in this dry weather stuff need water could die //
    In this situation from dehydration so I need a plan keen for my //
    Canteen because thirst and collision could reverse my decision //
    Having the worse vision no curse is precision even with religion //
    I pray divine daytime and this delay crime and I may climb to //
    The tiptop of this HIPHOP and grip a spot at the Grammy the true //
    Family like COMMON done a real phenomenon and fun right //
    Here ON THE CORNER, so I see whackness and none tight //
    Grab rap themes and learn obscene terms so really I fight //
    To stay sane can’t play these games ready to display flames //
    Like fireworks my desire perks pass the coffee like archery aims //
    At target to lay claims on the market I’m hyped and absurd //
    And like birds I flap wings then strap on bling and say words //
    Move smooth when my car in motion my girl’s legs has a jar //
    Of lotion now she has sweaty thighs and I’m ready for pies far //
    Under her dress wanna thunder mess wanna really visit the bar //
    Because I want cake and stuff but can’t make a fuss my radar //
    Is broken right now can’t track a honey feel whack and funny //
    Became blind quick must find a chick online and tricked a sunny //
    Side up like an egg, lame and thirst but which came first the chicken //
    Or the egg? Hope this great love fact will take up the slack and thicken //
    My chances and not stricken my romances and love talk can quicken //
    Then enhances my dances during the slow two step stuff be kicking //
    In my mind, shiver the worse when my sweat glands deliver thirst //
    In exchange for water a strange order of business really need to nurse //
    My protein and keep my flow clean so my rap glow and gleam like //
    A spotlight but it’s not right to use my muscle to hustle dang Klondike //
    Bars, see a feeble queen that I must use legal means to get bed work //
    Her lips red and perk like TASTER’S CHOICE so fine my head jerk //
    Around looking she’s down from Brooklyn B-TOWN in a renowned //
    Mini-skirt ready for any kind of twerk she’s fine and flirt will drown //
    A boy with beauty and booty so really it’s my duty to try and get //
    Me some, she’s a local treasure I need social pressure with some wet //
    Words to say something new she haven’t heard I may get lucky //
    Even CHUCKY knows a doll when he sees one she on the uppity //
    I would give this girl my hand in love and be ban from the club we //
    Could stand and hug on the dance floor, right now in the club I see //
    No broken hearts I’m hoping to depart before things get messy //
    Wanna be in an affair tonight that’s real with a airtight seal bet Betsy //
    Is her name need love talk coming with mixtures wet like plumbing //
    Fixtures, rumbling through pictures like movie producers and humming //
    Tunes, I must speak to this sweet boo and keep a true face she’s wearing //
    Blue lace she’s CLUELESS like STACY DASH and got a tasty stash sharing //
    love and things get daring at the club, this girl is a great act and I must make //
    contact so we have to come together or she give me some or whatever take //
    it to the club

    HE SAID:
    Look boo magnificent frictions bring different conditions that I have to adapt to //
    And try trap you with some sweet talk and I got feet to walk with on a true //
    Scale From 1 to 10 it’s fun and new to be in this situation and really boo //
    You keen with a cuisine like food with the type of attitude that a few //
    Of them boy will lose their mind as you amuse with a fine strut of butt //
    My words expand and end up preserved in a can never considered a nut //
    Your perfume make me trip and my room is equipped with a bed hold up //
    Boo we can go home you look so alone and shook to the bone and I //
    Got a love jones for your skin tone, girl you flirt alert and have fun wanna try //
    Get some work done afterward you can twerk some, because your cake is fine //
    Wet like a lake divine and I must create and design some hot words combine //
    With wine, been fine clubbing but wanna spend time loving with a true touch //
    Do some research when I clutch your waist not much time to waste no crutch //
    To lean on you a queen strong like LIONEL RICHIE girl well I’m itchy ALL NIGHT //
    LONG and it’s EASY LIKE SUNDAY MORNING boo you made me lose sight //
    I choose to write you a love letter, hot for days not always myself it’s a fight //
    To the finish and right now spinach could help wanna open a can because sex //
    Is choking my plan, I live surprised and this give rise to gifts that impress next //
    I wanna lift your dress and be swift bout mess leading up to me gitting some //
    That you keep hidden from boys, so boo a sex act is major in order to extract //
    Flavor and whack behavior is no longer needed feed it to the birds ready to text back //
    This boss stuff is soft enough to swallow down it’ll follow you around like //
    A puppy hound, in your house a fine attitude in your mouth you grind food hype //
    Time to GET YOU IN THE MOOD like the WHISPERS and strike your kissers //
    With kisses, from the heart you’ve become part of a love chat and many listeners //
    Would fall victim and use the call system on the cell phone or text for sex boo //
    You have cake and fact and I must make contact wanna butter your bagel //
    But saw you at another table rapping to a dude, one kiss could anoint not able //
    At this point wouldn’t be legit or clever for us to sit together, looked over my //
    Shoulder aware that you and boyfriend was over there, I got jealous really try //
    Not look but I could see your pie was hot so I said why not? You only live //
    Once, yall was drinking so hi you guys I was thinking about your pies “give //
    Me a slice,” but this was just my imagination like the TEMPTATIONS but //
    Softly I sip coffee then just walked away couldn’t talk or say much you up //
    For grabs and my game was weak even though you a dame sweet corrupt //
    Luck you not mine you was so hot and fine right there in the club for real //
    My task was romance wanted to ask for a dance, the facts were tight and sealed
    That night under black lights it seem dude was wearing chrome hats and at
    Home I got strong stats because I own a cat with kitty paws that deserve a pat //
    On the back, your body phat and that attract boys, what can I say? On your doormat //
    Everyday, you wet while yapping forget what happen at the club just wanna //
    Real phat hug your body got me on the hot spot and my drop top is gonna //
    Be parked outside and I’m sweaty and ready to raise the roof we could praise //
    The truth while riding in the wind you could be my girlfriend PURPLE HAZE //
    Like PRINCE I’m amazed at the strength of love boo, I eat swift and your sweet //
    Gift is butters one sniff it clutters my nose so here’s another rose never obsolete //
    Because your lips are the red ones we can go to bed hun and jest go to sleep //
    If you want to


    Your voice flow but this is not a horse show my thing is moist oh but //
    I refuse to lose myself a car cruise would be a deft act but gonna duck //
    The backseat because stuff happen after enough rapping so don’t turn up //
    Your butter quotes taint but with another coat of paint they can reach //
    The tiptop of HIPHOP and rip shop like a chain saw and be plain raw, teach //
    From microphones and bleach zones like CLOROX your facts been hot cake //
    like a JACK-N-THE BOX can’t escape brought cake but you ought to take //
    A vacation you look tired shook and inspired by my body wanna try party down //
    in other words don’t utter absurd and try to get you some so no loud sound //
    it could awake my cream so Don’t make a scene, here in the club I’m starting //
    to fear love and some folks drink from a beer mug, I guess we can be departing //
    later doe, so many haters whoa, and daters wanna go to the movies for real //
    so you want cream tonight and it don’t seem right a dream just might reveal //
    its not happening I know my thighs are open and pies are smoking and your //
    lies choking my thoughts you hoping I get caught up in this after a kiss galore //
    sex jest gonna pour on your bed sheets and my head keep going around a girl //
    has so much to think about nowadays and somehow this sways and hurls //
    my panties across the room after one sniff of my soft perfume as boy’s world //
    go boom! Smoke fills the room sex kills the tune on the CD, bed mattress swirl //
    my heart quick to pound especially if I stick around you wanna flick my bic and //
    go down town oh I be so hot down there I wake up screaming and creaming plan //
    to stay dry tonight doe and these results could be difficult if the love talk go on //
    and on, you plead for cake and I need a break guess a boy ain’t seen nothing yet //
    until he sees a queen get wet you bet headboards are broken but that’s how it get //
    oh dear sex so near but yet so far but if you get me in that car it could be a different //
    story so no ride for me, ducking that backseat is becoming a habit nothing magnificent //
    about that no doubt I’m at the crossroad of a boss load of bed rumble but my head //
    humble but what you said crumble my ear drum now can't hear none lips still red //
    doe and you wanna kiss off the lip gloss and if I strip and toss my panties that’s all //
    she wrote they’ll be smoke galore, and like J COLE I get to scream in when I fall //
    into a WET DREAM and that’s a threat to queen a Corvette seem to be on chrome //
    bumping CD’S all the way home, because my lips are red wanna take me home //
    strip in the bed my panties not that easy to git maybe crazy and sleazy a bit //
    but I’m keeping them on, so I’m sleeping alone and you about to have a fit //
    in a bad sense this could a mad suspense for you, convinced you have a car too //
    I amaze you like a stage crew so do and act using true fact or I’m closing the blue //
    Curtains and let the crowd applause for this cause you wanna kiss but pause a few //
    Tonguing might be in this, making love is a great gospel and a kiss make that //
    Possible like coal take the fossils I see affairs complex boys prepare for sex phat //
    Beds shake girls end up with an headache and their lips red cake boys come at //
    Panties for real you know the deal sex can heal after some bed work it’s a pat //
    On the back, you doing deft rapping but something else may happen to my kit Kat //


    After a necking bizarre end up wrecking my car so I’m checking for scars //
    That don’t exist and this won’t piss me off, and a kiss soft partying at bars //
    Could lead to bigger things you figure a boy’s bling could play a part oh so //
    I duck junk a boy with a truck talk funk a girl can get stuck listening to //
    junk and kissing to crunk on a CD so I’m aware if they take it there a few //
    will it’s puzzling to learn struggling to return a boy can be a real hot boo //
    I remember I needed car insurance so I went to STEAK FARM it was a cake //
    Storm I was in a mini-skirt so pure to insure boys get allured my thing bake //
    Rather fast how boys gather in mass, mad clever as they add together lust //
    With love words, nightly rapping something likely to happen it’s a must//
    They start to rap a girl falls into a dark trap on the spot but you can’t just //
    Drop the panties behind sweet talk because my fame stand like a game plan //
    Boys wanna go up in it to win it but I been a bit skeptical on who gonna hand //
    Me a love letter I can’t wait around in this club forever, we get food by the can //
    my head towers after I sniff red flowers go to bed after I showers my body, suds //
    streams down my breasts, boys hound for best sex so much dope soap I jest rubs //
    it on so like METHOD MAN boys have a love jones oh I need to talk to MARY //
    J it’s a crazy day but lazy in a way, and the my gravy lay in my thing, like prairie //
    Dogs boys bark and hunt and the best part is when I jump in their ride expecting //
    To cruise down a road but they wanna a smooth renown load of love and necking //
    They juggle my fate and struggle to penetrate be puzzle when they win cake //
    Break the springs in the backseat CD sings to an exact beat, it’s like night //
    And day have to fight my way back to reality just to keep my head right //
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    Again.....dis here piece is titeeeee

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    Enki [​IMG]
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    Yeah, it made me start to put one together for my queen... When I'm done with it, I'm going to post it.

    I told got the gift to influence..

    Respect as always bruh!!!

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    yeah hear you
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    Man you drop it smooth and raw
    no flaws hot like in dem draws
    as a moon walker not some stalker
    working it like wacka flocka on da spot
    and she said yessssssssss!!!!

    spank it bruh loving this joint here and the true style that leave a flava of sweetness!