Black Poetry : HE SAID: Wow boo he’s known for sure he wanna take you home and cure Your hormone situation here to lure her to bed while her lips a pure Red so he’s


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May 11, 2006
HE SAID: Wow boo he’s known for sure
he wanna take you home and cure
Your hormone situation here to lure
her to bed while her lips a pure
Red so he’s thrilled extreme
GIRL, this is hot no doubt
And she’s not in doubt
have to post a lot
and like the growth of crops
this stuff produce
enough to loose
brains no excuse
not to read this
plot to proceed and kiss
a girl's lips, love in the airs
go to clubs get affairs
deal with bicentennial teachers
with perennial features
Got a true approach
And like a new coach
Came to win a game
And then tame
Your sweet body
And have a street party
SHE SAID: naw player not yet
her thing has layers hot and wet
Oh a PHILLIPINE girl go through
A lot in VIRGINIA BEACH have to
Duck boys or get stuck in bed
A girl have to duck her head
And not hear the hot and clear
Sex talk in BLACK HIP HOP
Dodge getting lip locked
I’m mini-skirting indeed
He’s certain to succeed
His words slaughter everyday
And like a waterway
Let folks float their boat
his words really smoke
Desire to flirt
But like fireworks
Make a boy’s brain explode
They came with a load
Of love talk that flowed
Sweet, it was through the ceiling
Left me with a true feeling
His whole crew is revealing
Love for me like pigs squealing
For sex a love affair sealing
Her fate her pie surviving refills
Her panties have skydiving skills
She indeed cute
But need a parachute
At night she quicker with strange butters
Her panties flicker and change colors
Like a street light
It’s a sweet sight
When that happens
So much phat rapping
Here at the COSTCO store
She love to travel
And like mud and gravel
Her thing slippery when wet
So boys then get
The tissue for this issue
This is an example of pie
which is an ample supply
Of love
Wear mad bling in the street
Plus had the right thing to eat
And that’s oatmeal
Her quotes are real
HE SAID: I’m a guy you can trust
I understand your pie crust

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