Black Poetry : HE SAID: wow am I the only one that can write like this? LOL Girl you attractive and fine with an a

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    HE SAID:
    wow am I the only one that can write like this? LOL

    Girl you attractive and fine with an active mind need help with cake
    And ready to accept a date and step without debate a kiss can devastate
    Your lips, boo your heart anoints and bring love to a sharp point quick
    That will stick in a boy’s soul and he’s enjoy a bold love making picnic
    Squeeze a dame and that relieve pain love seize brains so I speak slang
    In the form of love talk, tonight is deft which way is up right or left dang
    I lost in the eyes of your boss eyes so jest toss pies over to my way and hang
    The pictures on the wall can’t let the scriptures fall on the floor this call
    For more attention, thug forever write a love letter on a sincere page all
    Part of a severe stage to get cake while on a wet date and hope I don’t
    Regret my fate hard to anticipate my next move in the bedroom want
    Some bad and it’s dumb to be mad if I don’t get none, but boo your
    Body toast convince me at the most intense time see boo you got galore
    Beauty and booty jest a cutie that need a man, and girl we can soar
    To the tiptop of HIP HOP and be lip locked and tonguing to the core
    So boo lets go slow with the beer while I blow in your ear and no clear
    Way to say this but you stay on a list on things to do so my mind sincere
    Clings to you, and bring true emotions and a crew of oceans seem to appear
    My mind burn mentally and like the turn of the century feel the change and
    Have deal strange and for real have to rearrange my approach
    So boo we here at BONESHAKERS I’m cruising with luck came
    To see SUSAN AND CHUCK on my HARLEY DYNA with game
    Nothing finer, out front the BOULEVARD and up the street DAIRY
    QUEEN and things can get very extreme when we talking ice cream every
    Girl like that a real hype stat, boo your body designed to flirt and I must
    Find work that will land us in bed, I have a bad habit and shook with lust
    A mad rabbit foot with trust inside my pocket hoping I slide in some
    Milk chocolate this girl built like a rocket I’m sweaty and ready for a dumb
    Take off oh yum your cake is soft it’s great to toss words and not crack
    Here at BONESHAKERS much to see and a bar name CLUTCH use to be packed
    Right up the street behind hooter many fine scooter was parked there in back
    Riding a SUPER GLIDE I bought at SOUTH SIDE on highways make tracks
    keeping facts in the dark is like abstract art it attacks your smarts and acts
    And start the whacks to question my decisions, like Walmart this packs
    A shopping list no stopping this so I’m not loco over a photo and really
    Not in love with the coco oh no only a bozo could do something that silly
    Boo one kiss I’m staying which consist of me saying we could be lovers
    And good to discover babies after the butter and gravies a soft bed covers
    A many splendid things can’t end it with bling, guess I been late but
    Intend to date you and get cake too, girl you a mystery and fine cup
    Cake, history will be kind and you strut butt blistery sometime my luck
    Ran out doe my plan is to flow hold hands and get to know you boo
    A guy expedient with a dry ingredient and a batch of love ready to dispatch
    at the club hard to match my hugs cats wanna snatch my dubs and catch
    the pawn shop doors open, a true touch is funny can’t add too much honey
    to your cup of coffee and I’m loving your butt softly like a search for money
    your treasure can pleasure me boo, we kiss then the juice I just introduce you
    to sex, want a mad date and add cake what you get? I know just us and a new
    love, boo us two together can live true forever love do weather a storm whoopi-doo
    from the bars I fairly departed after my car barely started needed spark plugs
    and a smart hug from a girl it’s a dumb world if you don’t get these and scrubs
    don’t survive and I won’t drive wreckless and my jive necklace is bling for real
    your love is deft and demanding you left me standing in search really in a lurch feel
    me” “naw player my lips glow red you wanna go to bed and ride it but yo thought
    we decided to ditch the date I know you itch for cake but switch my take or get caught
    with my panties down and candies all around and soul sisters fannies are round may
    bite off more than I can chew the sex plan is overdue I was fooled and schooled today
    you wanna get a kiss but had to let this play out as a no show it was loco anyway
    static can cleanse if you’re a part of the lunatic fringe I’ve had it with the winds
    of change my life been rearranged right here at BONESHAKERS I face some trends
    SHE ALSO SAID: a domination in romances leads to a combination of circumstances
    I’m alert to luck because when I pull my skirt up boys do a great job and chances
    Some cake is involved that romances, the turn of a doorknob really do enhances
    And for you fast lace is a trophy in a glass case I have great butt in the shape
    Of a cup of brown sugar, boys be down like a BRANDY NORWOOD great
    Throwback, having sense is a fatality but it works against reality a girl’s
    Imagination can hash tag a situation I’m a concerned female ready to turn tail
    and run from this because one dumb kiss can turn things around fast and nail
    my pies to a bed with my thighs spread all the wet rapping can’t let that happen
    I really have to duck in here haven’t had luck all year can’t sleep no napping
    Have a deft mind but could get left behind if my fate not cake kissing and listening
    To the hot DRAKE trust me it’s a unique trend and we must meet again, twisting
    My skirt, it help in the club to accept love but at the bar you need a phat car to
    Go anywhere with a chick like me, it’s ANDRE 3000 dating ERICA BADOO
    And after all you can hope disaster falls short must master all sorts of true
    Love talk, I’m focused on the hocus pocus of your lips a tall stat put all that
    Junk in my ear have to wait until the funk clear so I can breathe again at
    This bar, you talk high and dry and try deny about wanting some, you wear
    A mask to hide and cast aside guilt your pride is built on persuasion not care
    No doubt you above the rim got me out on a limb and sweaty ready to fall off
    I’m tall and soft sometimes feel small and lost but love has heat like hot sauce
    It’s a fast day but can’t escape as I cast away dates even though their plots are boss
    Have to stop it at all cost not a nitwit that toss panties at every boy it’s hard not
    To do yeah they rap a lot and look at me like an apricot and really perhaps hot
    To the tune of my body and wanna soon have a party and probably take snapshots
    No facts for KODAK and I must avoid the stamina of a POLAROID CAMERA for
    Real, I walk and strut with juice so boys wanna cut loose and kiss my lips in the car
    And make the backseat jump huff and puff and be saying stuff I don’t even understand
    Oh they jest go crazy on my gravy thighs but a baby can arrive somewhere in wonderland
    Like ALICE, I think you wanna grab my waist to have at my lace and not let go but
    I’ll be wet doe and you get to know something about a girl, always on the up and up
    You flow bizarre but don’t go too far you may ask for some and breasts tucked
    In bra knows that too,
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