Black Poetry : He said what?!? Bye?!


Mar 29, 2008
Hey, I'm HaitianLovely... on this site but you can call me Eljay. And yeah, I'm new to this site, looking for a place to put up my work and all of that. So here's my first post, a poem called "Bye?" that I wrote not too long ago. I hope anyone reading it likes it.

You told me “bye” and I had to ask “what do you mean?”

Because it felt as if a large screen

Divided my comprehension from that dreaded word

So I wouldn't feel the pain if it was to be heard.

I couldn't understand it, couldn't put together the two

Pieces that might have prepared me for what I was going to go through.

The practice really could have helped too,

Since I was to fix a soon to be broken heart thanks to you.

It replayed in my mind several times, “bye, bye, bye, bye...”

Until I was sure it was a siren with a more serious message to imply.

Though I have a good ear

I can not distinguish what I hear,

So is it here that I am moved to admit

That just maybe, music is the limit?

The notes that fill my ears when I sit before a piano and play

I do not acknowledge to be similar to the words we say

But still, I always find a way to give each word its own tune,

Making them clearly known to my understanding unlike the moon

That calls peaceful oceans at the fall of night

With its wise and gentle rays of light

Only to leave the waters in a horrid rage after realization of the truth;

The waters shall never reach. Now feeling as a betrayed youth,

There is nothing left to do but sit and wonder

At the purpose that lies under

Events and visions that pass

Never to last.

And so before you, here, I stand

Without a tune for your words and

I've hit the cruel realization of this foreign word

A position I would never have preferred.

Today, you said what I never thought I'd hear you say,

You sent me on my “merry” little way

Said goodbye, bid me farewell,

And sent my hopes, dreams my spirit, to hell.

And there you go. Lol. ~1~ <3 LJ.


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