Black Poetry : HE SAID: True and alert sweaty and ready to do the work of a poet and you Know it somehow ill and n

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    HE SAID:
    True and alert sweaty and ready to do the work of a poet and you
    Know it somehow ill and now will flow it that’s what I plan to do
    I rap slang use love talk to trap boomerangs then the facts start
    Act the part like EDDIE MURPHY ready for a SLURPEE, depart
    revamp my desire become a vampire in BROOKLYN spread the art
    of biting necks, but right now want cake need help will take steps to
    get some of the wet crumbs in bed it begin with red lipstick and a boo
    attack with words and back up my verbs with grammar stat
    Hammer cats like carpenters do nails see true females with phat
    Styles, fiery brains and highly trained to drop verse but need my
    Flip flops first got a HIP HOP thirst that’s out this world then try
    Get a girl, vocab great for a female let me elaborate in detail get high
    Off rhymes and yet have to try soft lines that sometime blow up in
    My face dang I want donuts and lace, see a girl wet with a corrupt grin
    want great luck I can take a dump truck of love and talk much junk
    in the club to a girly boo have facts and ability and never act silly funk
    is one thing but crunk and bling is another she bring the butter for
    my bread and that clutters my head end up in the gutter misled at the bar
    Criminal affiliations at bear minimal can kill a nation need class
    And a plan for the task at hand which is to snatch a chick fast
    After I dispatch a quick mass of words I’ve learn not to burn from past
    Conversation of domination this show skills and flow is ill with crew
    Romance is silly but advanced beyond the ability and what can one do?
    My pants a dark blue color and my heart want true butter so
    We end up in the park to do one another love talk clutter my flow
    Feel extreme love when I deal with a queen from the club got glamour
    Words increase can’t disturb the peace my verbs a beast in grammar
    Feast with the stamina to rhyme a lot each line hot enough to hammer
    Brains like carpenters, battle in flight and like satellites seem to spy
    On folks and tie ropes and hang the truth from ceilings it’s a do or die
    Now in swell zones with cell phones couple of spying drones flying
    Above homes, over my head is a bird or plane? Naw jest the crying
    And words and flame like dragons on crack yes it’s true no denying
    A lyrical shower, miracle power pathetic I don’t get credit for being fly
    Here at BONESHAKER, bling extreme saw lawn grass with my eye
    And ALL THINGS GREEN ride on pave no pride in being a slave fires
    Flashbacks can’t trash the facts but look I’m on my Harley that requires
    Class got scooter pride on a SUPER GLIDE hooter is right up the street
    But now see a girl with a butt that’s sweet listening to a corrupt beat
    Seeing chicks and pulling hard right here on BOULEVARD unique
    Leave marks and streaks when I depart on streets spinning my tires
    Burning do-nuts so I’m turning it up like race car drivers with desires
    Of winning races, no faking today thoughts being taken away that fires
    Up my strong pride jump in the car go along for the ride use ESQUIRE
    Shoe polish on my boots then kick and abolish nincompoops but right now
    See a girl very soft that I wanna carry off in my drop top tonight somehow
    She can definitely assist in a kiss believe me I won’t miss her lips got
    A straight aim that can bring cake into the game I have to grip a plot
    Be less silly and come with love talk to the best of my ability and just stop
    On a dime and then drop love lines, adore whatever became more clever
    The time spent at home may have went wrong stay tough like leather
    Have to rebound and see around as footsteps pound the ground never
    Leaving it’s sure stuff and I’m mature enough to know I’m ready to
    Go on that phat cake date, her body doing plenty work in a mini-skirt she’s
    Wearing fashion that is revealing the passions and feeling like honey bees
    She swarm in a storm of love and Heaven from the above boys funny and sees
    Her as queen her body heat all around my emotions suffer a beat down I must
    Speak renown, adore my luck and really tore up from the ground up so trust
    Me, get hotter fame by using a popular name fly like helicopters and planes
    This renown cutie lubed her round booty move it’s my duty to improve and tame
    My love speech and in the club reach a new height for tonight what’s her name?
    So yo her HIPS HOP make my mind trip a lot probably let her boyfriend do stuff
    no wrongdoing to be home screwing on the phone renewing an ice cream puff
    relationship so it’s down town and here we go wow he’s thinking enough
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